The launch of New World is eagerly awaited. To get in the mood for the open-world MMORPG from Amazon Games, a special light projection takes place in front of the Natural History Museum in Berlin: The Azoth tree from Aeternum appears in the real world. Of course there is also something to be won.

The supernatural tree could already be admired on September 26th. The symbol of Aeternum will come back to life tonight from 19.30pm to 23pm. In the live stream of P4wnyhof From 20 p.m., viewers can follow the fate of the Azoth tree and have a say in it.

In the live stream, the community has to solve a quiz and tasks about New World, only in this way can they save the tree from corruption. Game codes will be raffled off during the stream. Participants also have the chance to win an Alienware Battle Station in the New World look. The competition is there here..

Light Show Marketing: The Azoth Tree comes to life

On-site visitors who post a picture of the tree on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #Azothtree and follow the playnewworldde channels can, with a little luck, win one of 100 Deluxe Editions.

New World is an open-world MMORPG that takes players into the eerie wilderness of the mysterious island of Aeternum during the Early Age of Discovery. Success in New World doesn't just depend on defeating rival players. It is also a matter of conquering the island itself, which unleashes undead legions on the players in order to drive them off its shores at all costs. Huge siege battles, daring expeditions, gripping supernatural invasions and a breathtaking and varied setting are the trademarks of New World. Further information is available on the Website from New World.

The time until the launch can also be bridged by listening to the official soundtrack. The score, composed by Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell, has it all. Djawadi is world famous for his iconic compositions for Game of Thrones, Westworld, Iron Man and various other Hollywood productions, Campbell has already worked on Game of Thrones, Person of Interest and The Great Wall. The two composers have teamed up to create an epic game soundtrack for players to explore the world of Aeternum to.


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