Vladimir Suchy, designer of Pulsar 2849 and Underwater Cities, has published new images for his game Praga Caput Regni. In the board game with a historical setting, one to four players try to win the favor of the Bohemian King Charles IV.

The young publishing house Delicious Games is a family project by Vladimir Suchy and Katerina Suchá. Praga Caput Regni is the third game to be released by Delicious Games, after Underwater Cities and Monster Baby Rescue !,. According to Delicious Games and Rio Grande Games, the English version of the game is intended for Spiel Digital in October be available.

Praga Caput Regni the new expert game from Vladimir Suchy

Set in the 14th century after the coronation of Charles IV as King of Bohemia and ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, the players have the task of participating as wealthy citizens in the expansion of the city of Prague. The goal is to impress the king the most by increasing one's wealth and building fortifications, Prague University and other buildings. The players can choose between six actions and try to skillfully create synergy effects.

The theme of "Praga Caput Regi" is historical. Photo: Vladimir Suchy

The theme of Praga Caput Regi is historical. Photo: Vladimir Suchy

In 2019 Vladimir Suchy published Monster Baby Rescue, a family-friendly game, but Praga Caput Regni looks like a highly complex game again. On "Board Game Geek“ – there you can see the new pictures for the board game – the game has a complexity ranking of 4,0. The target group are players aged twelve and over and a game should last between 45 and 150 minutes.

In addition to the player boards, many tiles and resource markers, the game board impresses with its 3D elements and a turntable mechanism. The players seem to have the opportunity to place tiles individually as well as on the large game board and thus expand the city of Prague.

It is not yet known when pre-orders will be possible. According to Rio Grande Games, we will know more about this "in a few weeks".

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