The publishing house Pegasus Spiele brings heavy metal to the gaming table - in a double sense. The board game “Armata Strigoi” not only deals with the hard sounds, but also lets players slip into the roles of “real” metalheads. Armata Strigoi is the official board game of the heavy metal band Powerwolf.

Pegasus Spiele takes over the exclusive distribution of Armata Strigoi, the official board game of the metal band Powerwolf. The title of the game is also the title of one of their songs and loosely provides the background story of the parlor game about the last fight between werewolves and vampires.

Hard, harder, board game 

That sounds very special and is also implemented that way. Two to four players handle metal-like with blood points and roam the night as a werewolf special unit to put an end to vampires. Otherwise, the board game presents itself in a classic way: players slip into the spiked boots of one of the band members and receive - depending on the class behind them - special skills that are reminiscent of typical role-playing games: Attila is the mentor with troop skills, Falk Maria the priest with healing powers, Matthew the hunter who can move faster, Charles the berserk with stronger fighting skills and Roel the blacksmith with protective skills.

The game material frames the central miniatures of the werewolves and Strigoi. Image rights: Napalm Records

The game material frames the central miniatures of the werewolves and Strigoi. Image rights: Napalm Records


If you can't do anything with Powerwolf: It's simply the most successful German heavy metal band - no more, no less. It is no coincidence that it is all about werewolves and vampires, because that is exactly what the band's eponymous song is about. The equipment is typical of the genre: miniatures of the main characters, countless tokens, two Strigoi figures and a lot of maps with which the heroes' skills are triggered.

The course of the game is divided into two parts: At the beginning of the game, the enemies of the “Powerwoll werewolves”, the Strigoi, are invulnerable. Therefore, blood points must first be collected in order to harm the vampires.

The players get this by defeating the creatures of the night, allied with the Strigoi, who are also in the fortress. Only then do the players face the Strigoi in battle. "But as soon as one of the two is killed, the other immediately turns into the Supreme Master Strigoi and is now even more deadly," writes Pegasus Spiele about the special twist in the board game. Each player makes their own decisions about the actions and movements of their character. Nevertheless, they all act together as a team.

The board game Powerwolf was released in November last year, but was previously available through the band's publisher. With immediate effect, Pegasus will take over the distribution of games and should thus achieve one or the other player more. The price is around 50 euros.

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