Publisher Daedalic and developer Snowhound Games, the studio behind the successful roguelike RPG Deep Sky Derelicts, are jointly releasing Potion Tycoon in Steam Early Access in early 2022.

In the magical management simulation, players build a successful potion factory and strive for supremacy in the potions market. To do this, they have to expand their production lines, research recipes and machines and satisfy their discerning customers with increasingly exquisite potions. On the way to the top of the potion business, however, it is not just about optimizing production

A shop full of magic

Potion Tycoon is a management simulation game of the magical kind. Players open their own shop in a beautiful, hand-drawn 2D world and try to climb to the top of potion factories. All areas of the magic potion art have to be managed: Various recipes such as healing or conjuring potions are experimented with, resources are haggled for or their own magical plants and mushrooms are grown, and production is optimized. New employees want to be hired and new machines and potions researched in order to keep expanding the company. As soon as a large, professional potions brewery is set up, the bustling work flow can be relaxed and watched.

But performance isn't everything: in order to be truly successful, the company has to build a brand. New furniture helps to spruce up the sales area and inspire customers with the most exclusive elixirs. A high quality store also attracts more VIPs, whose special orders are making business boom. However, if you miss their assignments, they can also ruin the company's reputation.

Core features of Potion Tycoon:
  • An economic simulation with a touch of magic: players build and expand their own magic business.
  • In-depth management simulation: Production, prices and staff are managed to build an efficient company.
  • Research, build and invent: the potions business is developing from a modest shop to a luxury store.
  • Complex alchemy system: experiments with a variety of ingredients and combinations are possible to create new, better potions.
  • In-depth market simulation: Dynamic events, market trends and competing companies keep the players on their toes.
  • Fun 2D hand-drawn graphics: There's a lot going on in the store, from the effective, automated production lines to the customers shopping there.

Ultimately, the players run their own potions shop, learn recipes, order ingredients, mix brews, improve and expand their production lines and build a powerful company that dominates the potions market - probably from the beginning of 2022: by then, Potion Tycoon appear in Steam Early Access.


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