As the publisher Pegaus Spiele announces, the Port Royal Big Box has been released. The Push-your-Luck card game by Alexander Pfister is now available as a complete box for the first time - with new illustrations, the basic game, both expansions, the independent game Port Royal on the way and a promo card.

Since 2014, players have been able to set sail with Port Royal at their home gaming table. In the golden age of piracy, they set sail as traders in the Caribbean. In order to fend off dangerous pirate attacks, engage in lucrative trades with passing ships and fulfill expedition calls that earn points, two to five players hire a crew in the basic game.

Promo card makes “gambler hearts beat faster”

In each round, one person reveals cards in the harbor display (discovery), which can then be taken in the second step (trade & hire). Depending on how many ships of different colors are on display, the active person may take up to three cards, and then all other players one each. But if a color that is already on display is revealed again and this ship cannot be repelled by the crew's sabers, the round ends immediately and trading and hiring are no longer necessary. If you risk a lot, you can also lose a lot! It is therefore important to secure a lucrative trade and/or helpful people at the right moment.

In addition to the basic game, the newly illustrated Port Royal Big Box also contains the two expansions "An order is still possible..." and "The adventure begins...", with which the family game from the age of eight can not only be played competitively, but also solo and cooperatively. The character and ship cards from An order is still possible... can be combined with the basic game in any way you like. A new element, the orders, makes the game even more varied. The adventure begins ... also offers a completely new playing experience, because in five chapters that build on one another, the players experience a story with pirate flair. All players embody one of five characters with which they face the events and new tasks in Port Royal.

Also included in the Big Box, the standalone game, Port Royal En route, is a quick and easy variant for two to four sailors, ideal for travel or quick rounds in between. Also, many of the maps can be integrated into the base game, as well as the promo map Players. "Not only does it bring new variance into play, it also makes gamblers' hearts beat faster, because the active person can use it to reveal four cards at once," explains the publisher about the card. If no ship color is duplicated, she may take an additional card from the harbor display.

As a complete box, the Port Royal Big Box offers hours of fun for Port Royal fans and newcomers alike. The atmospheric new illustrations exude real pirate flair and the catchy game principle with fast-paced rounds invites you to keep trying your luck and play one game after the other.

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