Poker is one of the most popular Kartenspiele worldwide and that for centuries. Even before the birth of Christ, there were similar variants as the predecessors of the current form and were already very popular back then. 

The game of poker as we know it established itself in the 19th century and is played with poker cards of the Anglo-American hand of 52 cards. A hand (poker hand) is formed with the help of five cards. The special thing about poker is the combination of strategy and luck with cards. Because you can win a pot with a bluff or a royal flush.

From party game to global online tournaments

Especially as Party game Poker is a great pastime and fun evenings with friends are guaranteed. Those who like to play Playstation or Xbox can simulate the life of a professional player with the game "Poker Club". In the casino, the card game is an integral part of the gambling culture and with the advent of the Internet, the poker community has also come together on the World Wide Web. Many online casinos offer the possibility to play poker or to take part in global tournaments anytime and anywhere. The one reveals where the best online poker providers are Online casino test. If you want to improve your skills for the next tournament, there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet. Video blogs, instructional videos, reviews and much more can be found on a wide variety of platforms.

It is especially worthwhile to watch explanations on YouTube. The best poker players reveal strategies, tips and tricks here. If you internalize this, you might emerge as a winner at the next tournament with a hefty premium. Whether you are an experienced professional or a complete beginner at the poker table, the more you perfect your own playing style, the more likely it is to make big profits.

Good playing strategies can be crucial in poker.

Good playing strategies can be crucial in poker.

There are tons of YouTubers out there who share tips on how to improve your poker game. A few who have built a reputation for themselves over the years are Joe Ingram, the Black Rain79 channel, and Andrew Neeme. What the individual channels specialize in is explained in detail here:

Joe Ingram # joeingram1

This channel has a lot of great, educational, and fun content for all poker players. Joe - aka Chicago Joey - has one of the best poker podcasts called "Poker Life". Throughout his entire poker career to date, he has focused exclusively on his favorite poker format, the online Pot Limit Omaha Cash Game (PLO). His YouTube channel is followed by 139.000 people who regularly enjoy new, high-quality poker content.

Doug Polk #DougPolkPoker

Doug Polk is also American. Born in Pasadena, he now lives in the gambling stronghold of Las Vegas. He is a three-time bracelet winner of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). In 2017 he had his biggest success to date at the WSOP High Roller for One Drop. His YouTube channel has 321.000 subscribers and he is known for taking “poker entertainment” to a whole new level. His channel has a ton of fun celebrity poker videos. He produces a large part of the content in collaboration with a well-known player who is known in the scene by the nickname KidPoker. The section for beginners training is particularly popular in his channel. There he regularly analyzes high-stakes poker hands from television shows.

Nathan Williams # BlackRain79Poker

The name Nathan Williams is less known than that of his YouTube channel: "Black Rain 79". He has made some of the highest wins in online poker history on lower stakes games.

He is also a three-time bestselling poker author with his works:

    • "Crushing the Microstakes"
    • "Modern Small Stakes"
    • "The Micro Stakes Playbook"

His goal is to teach followers how to regularly make big wins at small stakes poker. He posts new videos every week for around 25.100 subscribers.

Andrew Neeme #AndrewNeeme

Andrew has 164.000 subscribers to his channel and is known as the "godfather" of poker video blogging. He is a professional low to medium stake cash game player. He's also a professional at video, photography, and editing - one of the reasons his channel is so popular. In addition, made Andrew Neeme known as the “meet-up game”. On social media, he announces where he will be playing poker, looking for other players who are interested in playing with him. He himself says the best tool to improve his poker winnings was to discuss it with other successful poker players. This is exactly why he runs his YouTube channel and many other sites and communities.

Evan Jarvis #gripsed

The channel "Gripsed“By Evan Jarvis has 83.800 subscribers. For years he has been giving useful poker tutorials there, which can mainly be used for tournaments. You can also occasionally find strategic content for cash games at Evan. He moderates podcasts, live streaming and many high profile streams from major poker tournaments. He has won over $ 1 million playing poker himself and has been a poker instructor for over 10 years.

The contents of his channel summarized:

    • Videos about playing poker for beginners
    • Theory videos on how to play poker like the pros
    • Poker Hands History Reviews
    • Poker strategy videos + poker livestreams for advanced players
    • Mental Game of Poker + Tilt Control Videos

Poker ranking

For everyone who now knows which channel best suits their personal preferences, here is the poker ranking in detail. This ranking of the poker hands determines who wins.

It applies to all common poker variants and is as follows, starting with the worst poker hand:

  • High Card: the highest single card
  • Pair: two cards of the same rank
  • Two couples
  • Three of a Kind: three cards of the same rank
  • Straight: five cards in a row
  • Flush: five cards of the same suit
  • Full house: a pair and a three of a kind
  • Four of a Kind: four cards of the same rank
  • Straight Flush: five consecutive cards of the same suit
  • Royal Flush: highest possible straight (10-JQKA) of the same suit - the highest possible poker hand

So if you want to work on improving your game, you should think about rankings in addition to the tutorials on YouTube and not about individual hands. There should never be a favorite hand and you have to focus on a sensible strategy at all times. Every move should be justified and one should generally avoid bad games. The path to becoming a poker pro is definitely not easy, but it is definitely possible!