Poker is popular, no question about it. How much can currently be seen in the crowdfunding campaign for the Antematter board game, which the makers of “BarkShark” designed as a kind of strategic poker game. The financing target was reached after just two hours, and the target amount has now more than doubled. The price for a “poker game” is not all that low.

Poker is not a new invention, at least not in the basic version. “BardShark” has now set itself the task of modernizing the classic - not purely visually with pretty cards, but in a playful way. Poker also works as a strategic board game. Antematter is the name of the title that the creators are currently financing through Kickstarter, and it is extremely successful. Your financing goal of around 25.000 euros was achieved after just under two hours, and crowdfunding is now heading for a tripling.

Antematter is the new kind of poker

"Antematter is the first and only poker strategy board game," at least BardShark think as the creative minds behind the idea. There is even a story behind the poker variant: players slip into the roles of space pirates or missionaries, fly through the galaxy and, of course, play poker. The course of the board game is divided into phases, presumably also in order to be able to fit the poker card game sensibly into the overall concept.

In the first phase players move their spaceships across the board, only in phase two - the poker phase - the cards then fly. Basically it is about collecting those stakes in the board game part, which are then used for betting in the poker part. Overall, the two phases seem to be loosely linked, the board game part serves more to prepare for a game of “Texas Hold'em in Space”. The poker phase is based on the classic Texas Hold'em rules. The cards themselves have been significantly enhanced, but are based on an original poker card deck. A few new tricks are added, however: There are opening cards or trickster cards that can be used to add some strategies to the basic poker.

In the end, Antematter is more than "just" poker: There are also different illustrations for the different factions in the game. Image rights: BardShark

In the end, Antematter is more than “just” poker: There are also different illustrations for the different factions in the game. Image rights: BardShark

Different factions bring another twist into play. Antematter includes six different crew decks, each with different strategic orientations - both in the board game part and in poker. At the end of the day, who wins is determined in the classic way: The space card professional with the most chips won wins.

The poker board game costs around 50 euros in the pledge, and is also available in two more expensive versions for 101 or even 168 euros. More than 550 supporters are currently participating. The financing amount has exceeded the mark of 60.000 euros, the target was around 25.000 euros. It can be assumed that the amount of crowdfunding will continue to rise Kickstarter campaign for Antematter namely runs until September 24th. There are still achievable stretch goals: the next one will be unlocked at 75.000 euros.