The Pokemon series is enriched by an offshoot: As the Pokemon Company announced in a live stream, a game will appear as a multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA for short. The Pokemon game with the addition “Unite” is coming to the market for both Nintendo Switch and as a mobile game. There is no release date yet.

Last week, the Pokemon Company announced another stream for June 24th as part of a show event. The topic referred to was the announcement of a “new, major project”. The hope of the fans revolved around a Sinnoh remake, now it is clear: That is not what the new stream was about. Not even close.

MOBA again: 5-vs-5 in Poke-Land

Instead, the Pokemon Company unceremoniously announced a game concept that can be described as a “cockroach among the genres”: Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas. The brisk MOBAs just can't be broken. If you thought that after League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm and numerous smartphone offshoots, the genre had long since passed its zenith, you are mistaken - or at least have done the math without the Pokemon Company.

In a first video for Pokemon Unite, the Pokemon Company introduces the game principle and already shows some gameplay scenes including team fights:


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Pokemon Unite starts with the classic MOBA setup: two teams of five players each compete in real-time battles. Nevertheless, there are some deviations. Instead of just destroying an enemy base, the Pokemon offshoot is about scoring points in opposing goals. At the same time, teammates have to work together to fight and capture wild Pokemon - of course, there is also level-ups and further developments. Except for the Pokemon twist, the game is likely to remain largely true to the roots of MOBAs.

Pokemon Unite is developed by Tencent, more precisely by TiMi Studios. The team was already responsible for the mobile implementation of Call of Duty. Pokemon Unite will be a free-2-play game that will likely be financed through heaps of microtransactions. The Pokemon MOBA will be released for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. Crossplay between the platforms should be supported. There is no date for the release of Pokemon Unite yet.

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