At Disney's D23 Expo 2022, Marvel and Niantic announced a partnership. Both companies are working together on the new game Marvel World of Heroes.

Marvel World of Heroes is an AR mobile game that merges the legendary Marvel universe with the real world. It is scheduled to be released worldwide in 2023. Marvel World of Heroes marks a true milestone as it is the first-ever Marvel game in which players can become Marvel Super Heroes themselves, thanks to real-world gameplay only Niantic can deliver.

Marvel adventures in the real world

The game is designed for social interaction. Players must join forces with friends and iconic Marvel characters to confront cunning Marvel Super-Villains and other-dimensional threats.

In Marvel World of Heroes, players create their individual identities as superheroes with their own backstory. They must patrol their neighborhoods to thwart crimes, complete important superhero missions, and fend off threats from other dimensions. Leveling up unlocks new equipment and skills.

Players can also team up with well-known Marvel Super Heroes to battle infamous Marvel Super Villains and protect the multiverse from both terrestrial and alien threats.

Marvel World of Heroes is built on the Niantic Lightship platform, the same technology powering Niantic games like Pokémon GO, Ingress, and Pikmin Bloom.


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