The Pokemon celebrate a milestone birthday in February. The brand will be a quarter of a century under its belt - and it wouldn't be a big surprise if Nintendo and the Pokemon Company release a new announcement for February 27th. There are already rumors: A new episode of the “Pokemon direct” show will be shown that day. Much more exciting, however: After a leak from Centro Pokemon, remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are to be announced. Whether some of it or both is true? Wait!

You don't have to be a clairvoyant to predict that Nintendo and the Pokemon Company will not let the 25th birthday of the pocket monsters pass by. For this reason, fans should mark themselves in Pikachu yellow on the calendar for February 27th, maybe even an entire anniversary period. "Pokemon Day" is celebrated - and probably also surprised. It is certain that Nintendo and the Pokemon Company will give fans a gift: Probably at least with the airing of a Pokemon Direct show. The insider Kelios had spread such a rumor on Twitter - and is likely to have landed a hit. What exactly will be shown, however, is completely uncertain. According to other rumors, remakes of Pokekom Diamond and Pokemon Perl for Nintendo Switch could be on the agenda.

Rumor: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are coming to Nintendo Switch

There should be enough content even without the remake announcements. For example, New Pokemon Snap will be released on April 30th, and a corresponding trailer has already been published. The title is being developed by Bandai Namco Studios for Nintendo Switch. It's about a kind of virtual photo excursion in which players are supposed to “snap” particularly beautiful discoveries, that is, to capture them with snapshots. There are also updates to Unite and the adventure detective Pikachu.

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The titles are the first offshoots from the Pokemon main series for Nintendo DS. The focus was on the fourth generation of Pokemon in the Sinnoh region. Centro Pokemon names company-related sources that are said to have disclosed the information about the upcoming announcement in February. By the way, Insider Kelios and Centro Pokemon agree on one point: The remakes should not be developed in the style of the Pokemon Let's go titles, but rather be based on the classic mechanics of the series. Centro Pokemon also advises that the website is active and a 403 error is displayed. That seems to have changed now. Possibly in response to the leak?

Because the real anniversary blockbuster is still missing, the move around the remakes of Pokekom Diamond and Pokemon Perl for Nintendo Switch fits pretty well. If you believe the Twitter leak from Centro Pokemon, the new editions should appear this year.

Nintendo will have officially confirmed the information to the Pokemon Company. However, there is much to suggest that there is at least a grain of truth in the fact that new Pokemon games have to appear this year or next. Otherwise the time between the individual tracks would be surprisingly long - and to be honest: remakes of Diamond and Pearl are long overdue!


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