GoodbyeWorld Games, in partnership with publisher Skybound Entertainment, today announced the BAFTA-winning game Before Your Eyes is coming to PlayStation VR10 on March 2th. Pre-orders are possible from January 26th at a price of 14,99 euros.

In Before Your Eyes, the players meet the ferryman, who is tasked with finding souls and transporting them to the afterlife. On the way to the final destination, players must reflect on their character's life, their decisions and the moments that shaped them. For the first time, players can enjoy the emotional story in a unique VR experience and lose themselves in the atmospheric world in a whole new way thanks to the groundbreaking technology of PlayStation VR2.

Change history with a blink

"When our team learned that PSVR2 uses eye tracking, we fantasized about a VR version. When work started on it, our joy only increased. This will be the most magical way for fans new and old to experience this story,” said Graham Parkes, Lead Writer and Creative Director at GoodbyeWorld Games.

Before Your Eyes is controlled entirely by the player's eyes. This new version uses the headset's front-facing camera to tell a unique story. Players learn to control the course of the story by blinking and moving their heads. For the first time, Before Your Eyes can be played without any classic controllers. Before Your Eyes is a deeply emotional story made even more immersive thanks to innovative blinking mechanics and a story fully voiced by Sarah Burns and Eric Gem. A story about too high expectations that we impose on ourselves and the things that we regret and carry with us forever.

“The response to the game since its initial release in 2021 has been incredible and the team has since worked to enable players to interact with the game through ever new, innovative ways. First via a PC camera, then with mobile devices and now in virtual reality. Multiple awards show that the game is a critical success and players around the world are also captivated by the title. We look forward to continuing to grow this passionate fan base with the release on PlayStation VR2,” said Ian Howe, Managing Partner at Skybound Entertainment.

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