Across The Valley, the laid-back farming sim developed by FusionPlay, is slated for release in early 2023 for PlayStation VR2 and SteamVR. The title was announced with a trailer at the UploadVR Winter 2022 Showcase.

In Across The Valley, players immerse themselves in the charming everyday life of a farmer who lovingly takes care of his animals, sows crops, waters them and harvests them. You can relax on lush green pastures, experience picturesque sunsets while stroking cute baby animals, milking cows, shearing sheep or going truffle hunting with pigs.

They then sell the goods they produce at the market and reinvest the profits into their land to build a thriving farming empire.

VR and good soundtrack

Across the Valley was developed exclusively for VR, which is why the micromanagement in menus that is often used in simulations is completely eliminated. Instead, the hobby farmers lend a hand and experience the game up close.

The beautiful landscape of Across The Valley is brought to life with colorful hand-drawn art and an atmospheric soundtrack created by games experts Dynamedion.

Among other things, Dynamedion is known for its work on major titles such as Hitman, Injustice 2 or Mortal Kombat 11.

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