Gamestop will soon be holding contingents of the Playstation 5 again for presenters. The retail chain announced. If you haven't been able to pre-order the PS5 so far, you will be able to do so again from November 19th.

Gamestop has good news for all those Playstation fans who have so far missed out on pre-orders. From November 19, the release day of the next-gen console, additional contingents can be pre-ordered.

Only those who pre-order will receive the console for the release

However, there is bad news: As Gamestop also announces, there will be no further consoles for those players who have not yet pre-ordered Sony's next-gen console, at least on the day the Playstation 5 is released. Information is then available under

The path for fans often does not lead to the local Gamestop stores, but to the website: the PS5 will be available for pre-order there. It is not exactly clear when fans will be able to use their consoles, but after a long wait, Gamestop's announcement does not sound: "You will be able to use them in
in the weeks that follow,” announces the retail chain.

The console will also be available for pre-orders from other retailers sooner or later, but there are no appointments yet. The major retailers state that the consoles are sold out.

Important for fans: To protect customers, the console will only be available online on launch day. The PS5 is sold through authorized dealers and large retail chains such as Saturn, Mediamarkt, Expert or Amazon. The Playstation 5 or Playstation 5 - Digital Edition are not offered for sale in the local branches. Exception: Consoles that have been ordered in advance can be picked up.

The PS5 comes in two versions: one for 499 euros and a version without a drive for 399 euros. Both versions are currently sold out.

Preview Product Rating Price
Sony PlayStation 5 Sony Playstation 5* Currently no reviews 535,67 EUR

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