After Sony officially presented the Playstation 5, things remained comparatively quiet about the next-gen console. Information on price or release date is still pending. However, Sony is now reporting back to the Playstation 5 with a TV commercial that is about a minute long.

"Play has no limits", Sony headlines the television commercial. “Playing knows no borders”, as one would probably say in this country. And indeed, the approximately one-minute video shows impressive settings and the core elements of the Playstation 5: adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and 3D audio.

TV sports for Playstation 5: first unofficially, then officially published

Not all information about the Playstation 5 are known. The release period is gradually approaching and Sony seems to be slowly getting the marketing machinery rolling. Playstation Hungary published a TV sport on YouTube that shows impressive live action. Shortly afterwards the spot was withdrawn, presumably because it was published too early - and now Sony has rowed back: The promotional video is now officially available:

However, the credits for the Playstation 5 video are still missing: the date of publication. So fans have to be patient - especially after Microsofts Xbox Series X the release date could be narrowed down relatively precisely. The console is now on display as a prototype in a showcase in a Cologne store belonging to the Saturn electronics chain.

The Playstation 5 will therefore continue to appear in this "holiday season". Nevertheless, there is also news: Sony has now confirmed that the “DualShock 4” controllers work on the Playstation 5, but only with PS4 titles. The DualSense controller will thus become mandatory for playing next-gen video games. - Germany's largest range of board games