Among other things, Sony promises a fast loading time for the Playstation 5: long “load screens” should be a thing of the past thanks to the built-in SSD. PS4 games that can be played on Playstation 5 through backwards compatibility should also benefit. Selected games have received updates over the past few days, likely preparing them for the upcoming PS5 release. It is currently being announced that the loading times of individual PS4 games have been drastically reduced - on The Playstation 4.

The ps5 version is coming: Sony's new console will be released on November 19th in Germany. One of the highlights of the PlayStation 5 is the SSD, which is supposed to drastically reduce loading times in games - the user interface is also much more agile than on the current console. Ps4 games that can be played on Playstation 5 with backward compatibility should also benefit from better performance. Preparations are underway: some PS4 games have received new patches in the last few days and weeks to prepare titles for the start of a new generation of consoles.

Update ensures drastically shorter loading times

As reported by the Von Video Games Chronicle website, the loading time of individual PS4 games on the current system has been drastically reduced. As an example, The Last of Us magazine has been remastered: The PS4 version of Action-Adventure should load much faster after the last update than before. The evidence is a video posted on YouTube that compares time resources. Result: Although players had to wait more than a minute on the home screen to load, the load time after the update was only 14 seconds.

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On Twitter, players report that the loading screen for the horror title Until Dawn on PS4 has been almost completely eliminated. God of War and God of War 3 Remastered are said to have received new updates that could potentially benefit from the PS5's new boost mode. Final Fantasy 7 Remastered also surprisingly received a new patch.

Specific update details are usually not available. It is speculated that the new data compression method will be used for Playstation 5 backward compatibility. However, this has not yet been confirmed. Sony promises that almost all of the 4.000 available Playstation 4 games can also be played on ps5.

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