Retailer Müller has listed the Playstation 5 for 499 euros at a pre-order point at short notice. The entrance has now disappeared. It remains to be seen whether this was a real prize from Sony or a reserved area. However, the leaks also point to this price.

The price for the Playstation 5 was occupied for the network for months. Will it be only 399 euros again, which would likely mean Sony will have to subsidize the PS5? Where is a price of 499 euros the most realistic size? The German retailer Müller recently listed the next-gen console for the 499 euros that are often in the room. In the meantime, however, not only the price tag, but also the complete entry on the retailer's pre-order portal has been removed.

PS5: November released? Costs of 399 and 499 euros?

The 499 euros that circulate on the Internet are therefore speculative. What could demystify Müller's price as a reserved space is the fact that the 499 euros for the disk version and this PS5 version without a player were put into the room. At least one of the two next-gen consoles is probably inaccurately proclaimed at 499 euros. Chances are, without a reader, the PS5 will undermine that idea of ​​price - if you believe the many leaks.

The insider Roberto Serrano recently resumed the conversation with the 499 euros / dollar that Müller accepted. The twitterer was referring to the most expensive of the two Sony consoles. For the all-digital version of the Playstation 5, it also gave a price of 399 euros and dollars, respectively. The release would be scheduled for November 13th.

Either way, it's time for Sony to officially leave the release date because the marketing machine has already got the company. The world's first advertising sport for the Playstation 5 was released just recently:

The Leaker also names the prices for Microsoft's next-gen consoles, where the price labels refer to the Xbox series s and Xbox Series X. If Roberto Serrano has his way, both consoles appear a few days before the competition. The Xbox Series S is said to go on sale on November 5th - the Xbox Series X a day later.

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