Even if the PS5 comes with a black and white DualSense controller and only this one is currently available for purchase, it can be assumed that other colors will follow. So pictures of a black controller reappeared.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a black one DualSense controller of the PS5 approved. The controller is completely black. The buttons are also black. No announcement has been made by Sony.

Stylish or too “simple”?

There is a catch, however: it is not clear whether this is actually a controller that is also intended for the market. There is a possibility that this controller belongs to the dev kit. They are usually a different color from products that are then retailed.

The pictures raise the question of whether such a controller would really be well received. Because it looks completely black, just a little dreary and “simple”. It is of course possible for this color to be published this way. It is not clear when Sony will run controllers in other colors. However, it is unlikely that this will be an afterthought until next year. Then the lids will likely come in different designs for the console. You can probably just swap them out and customize your PS5 however you want.

At the moment, players are still waiting for a further contingent of PS5 consoles to go on sale before Christmas. But it is not certain. After the chaos of pre-orders and a huge wave of reversals, there is usually little uncertainty in the community.

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