Is that the new PlayStation 5 boot sound? Of all people, Burger King is said to have discovered a new sound from Sony's next-generation console on Twitter. “The King” itself winds its way around the counter in a cardboard bag and shows a “sound sequence” that sounds suspiciously like a computer startup or a console.

Apparently, the fast food giant Burger King is getting along pretty well with Sony now. On Twitter, the two companies teamed up to reveal the sound of the PS5 launch - it's really hard to imagine.

Sound from the bag

Don't ask us how this collaboration came about, we really don't know. On Twitter, the fast food chain Burger King is currently mingling with no one else except Sony and somehow it seems to be the new PS5. Burger King's Twitter account posted a 15-second video in which Her Majesty - Burger King - slipped into a bag of freshly fried burgers.

And then there is the king scandal: something seems to be wrong. First, light blue out of the pocket (which is strange) and second, a very distinctive sound. Burger King takes a second look at the bag and comes out of the dust with it and its contents. It has a date. The announcement is October 15th - but what exactly will happen on that day remains uncertain.

The eerie Burger King announcement was then commented on by Sony with a pair of eyes and an ear. As it had to be, the omniscient internet council then gathered on Reddit to dismantle things. User conclusion: The sound from the Burger King bag has to be the boot sound of the PS5. In fact, particularly resourceful users realized that the sound was already technically known and used at Sony's PS5 event in June. But what date is the end of the video announcing?

And here Reddit users have a clear answer: Sony will launch ps15 on October 5th. And we think this is pretty realistic, at some point the Japanese will have to show their user interface. What this has to do with Burger King remains unknown until October 15th.

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