Sony presented the first games for the Playstation 5 in the live stream. The crowning glory was the presentation of the Playstation 5 design at the end of the show. With the next-gen console, Sony relies on an idiosyncratic look. The design of the new power console is at least futuristic. However, fans were left at a loss and asked themselves rightly: Is this what the future of gaming looks like?

The design of the Playstation 5 is known, not all fans are satisfied with it. The look of the gave first indications of color and lighting DualSense wireless controllers, now it's clear: the Playstation 5 is going to be a pretty futuristic piece of hardware. Some cheer the unusual design concept, others clap their hands over their heads and are already desperately looking for a “hiding place” for the console. One thing is clear, however: Sony is not making it easy for fans to warm to the next-gen console.

Playstation 5: Sony opts for a futuristic look

After Microsoft had long since unveiled the design of the Xbox Series X, Playstation fans had to wait a long time. Now the time had come and Sony surprised with a look that even the craziest design studies would not have believed possible. After the first information about the wireless controller was published, it was at least clear that Sony would offer at least a white console variant with blue light in terms of color.

Now one thing is certain: the PS5 will, at least initially, only be available in a color version, then with blue light. What is it doing It glows blue!


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Nevertheless, the PS5 makes it on the market in two versions, namely with and without a drive for physical data carriers - this variant is then called “digital”. As powerful and convincing as the hardware may be, the design is by no means popular with all fans. While Microsoft had to stand up to the fridge comparison, Sony's console is referred to as a modern version of a WiFi router, among other things. The problem for console gamers remains the same with each new generation: You can't avoid the design if you want to buy the console. PC gamers have it much easier and can accommodate their hardware components in a housing that they like.

Fans didn't really expect the unusual look. Many modern gaming devices rely on a simple, more functional design - not so the Playstation 5. Apparently, Sony is pursuing the idea that this time one must also see the generation leap in a next-gen console. That fits with the motto that the console manufacturer has proclaimed: “The future of gaming” is the headline of Sony. And optically the PS5 has something to do with “Future”.

If you built a computer yourself, would you buy a case that looked like the Playstation 5? Probably not.

About taste can not be argued

In the end, the look of the Playstation 5 is of course a taste bud. Nevertheless, at least one creeps the feeling that Sony has overshot the mark in terms of design. A few curves and curves too many, a seemingly attached drive that drives players with a penchant for aesthetics to buy the digital version. None of the design elements are really unique. All the details could already be seen here and there on other devices - whether color, light or “curvyness” - Sony has combined everything in one concept.

The entire "Playstation 5 family": two console sockets and lots of accessories. Photo rights: Sony

The entire “Playstation 5 family”: two console sockets and lots of accessories. Photo rights: Sony

In the end, the Playstation 5 also applies, of course: you either like it or you don't - or you don't care anyway because you concentrate on the technical performance. Sony seems to be delivering on this.

The trailers and gameplay scenes shown as part of the reveal event were impressive, the idea behind the DualSense controller was convincing and the peripherals available right from the start are also satisfying to fans: the two versions of the Playstation 5 will come with a charging station Space for two controllers, a remote control, an HD camera and a headset - all in the new “typical Playstation 5 look”.

Sony is at least showing the courage to part with conventional ideas. And that is exactly what could be rewarded. And maybe the console looks a lot less “bad” when you see it in store for a decent price. And then in the shopping cart. And then at home next to dozens of other electrical devices whose designs are completely indifferent.

Maybe it's the same with the Playstation 5 as with other future technologies: you just have to get used to it. And over time, you won't find Sony's next-gen console that unusual either.

Oh, and anyone who, as a Microsoft fan, thought that Redmond-based company would have Xbox Series X didn't have a WiFi router in the back of my mind, here is an uncommented comparison:

Linksys routers and the Xbox Series X: We do not reveal which device is shown on which page! Photos: Microsoft / Linksys

Linksys routers and the Xbox Series X: We do not reveal which device is shown on which page! Photos: Microsoft / Linksys

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