The Sony Playstation 5 gets an innovative control unit with the Dualsense wireless controller. Although the design of the Playstation 5 is still completely unknown, Sony has now let the cats out of the bag, at least with regard to the controller. The focus is primarily on improvements in haptics: developers should be able to include the controller in the game design in order to provide players with appropriate feedback from the game world.

In their Playstation blog, Sony speaks of having reached an “exciting milestone” with the DualSense wireless controller. Sony's vision of the new Playstation 5 controller is promising.
More Xbox, less Playstation: this is how the new DualSense wireless controller could be summarized briefly and provocatively.

Official: Sony introduces DualSense wireless controllers for PS5

The design looks tidier, the lighting is subtle, the sticks are arranged symmetrically - the latter is a matter of taste and even controversial among Playstation fans, but the symmetry fits perfectly with the basic design concept. Much more important than looks, however, is what Sony has packed into the new DualSense wireless controller for the Playstation 5. And that can also sound promising.

Of course, Sony did not copy the competition, but rather overhauled the old DualShock 4 wireless controller. Much has remained, some functions are new - including, above all, an improvement in the sense of touch. Sony sees it as being neglected, even with modern video games: "In our discussions with developers, we found that the sense of touch in gameplay, like the sound, has received little attention in most games so far."

The DualSense wireless controller is two-colored and comes with a new "Create" button. Photo: Sony

The DualSense wireless controller is two-colored and comes with a new “Create” button. Photo: Sony

Now with the Playstation 5 you can finally offer developers to develop innovations and in the same breath you want to whip up the haptic feedback that players receive during gaming. Vibration effects have long been considered the non-plus-ultra of haptic feedback, have been taken to a new level with the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch, but still appear to be in need of improvement.

This is exactly where Sony wants to tie in: the new DualSense wireless controller for the PS5 should offer more than just shaking, but rather make the game situation tangible. For example, you should be able to feel when a car is driving through mud. At the same time, Sony has integrated adaptive triggers into the shoulder buttons of the DualSense wireless controller, which are supposed to give feedback about the force behind game actions, for example when drawing a bow.

PS5 controller feels smaller than it is

Overall, the changes were associated with challenges in the design process. In any case, Sony is satisfied with the result. The controller "feels smaller than it looks," said Sony in the blog post. Neither the battery life nor the weight should suffer from the design changes.

What players will no longer find, however, is the established “Share” button on the DualShock 4 controller. Instead there is a “Create” button that is supposed to offer completely new functions. There is no information about it yet, Sony wants to publish details as soon as the release of the Playstation 5 approaches.

The charging socket of the PS5 controller indicates a USB-C connection. Photo: Sony

The charging socket of the PS5 controller indicates a USB-C connection. Photo: Sony

A microphone arrangement is integrated into the controller so that players can communicate with others without a headset. However, fans can still connect a headset. In terms of optics, Sony relies on a two-tone design, and the light bar has also been adapted and now appears less intrusive, but larger at the same time. The work on the new DualSense wireless controller must have been intense: “All in all, we have created a large number of concepts and hundreds of models in the last few years before we decided on this final design,” confirms Sony.

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By the way: If you look closely at the first pictures of the DualSense wireless controller, you can see that Sony is probably using a USB-C port for charging. Although this has not been officially confirmed, the socket gives this impression purely visually.

After numerous tests that also involved gamers, Sony has now found the “way to go” for the final PS5 controller. Sony will probably publish more details with the approaching release of the Playstation 5 - and that doesn't just affect the “Create” button.

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