Originally, poker was a card game for which you still had to go to the casino or meet up with a group of friends. But poker games have also evolved. In the meantime, you can find many different variants of poker from just one provider - and without a long search. Just google it and you'll see numerous offers from a wide variety of providers. In addition, the selection of poker variants seems more unusual than ever.

But poker can not only be played in the browser, but also on the mobile phone, the switch and co. All these different ways of playing poker can be found here at a glance. You will also get an overview of what you should look out for with online poker providers.

Advantages of online poker

First, however, it's worth clarifying what the many advantages of playing online poker are. For one thing, this type of poker is much more convenient. You no longer have to torment yourself from the couch to head to the nearest casino, you only need to dig your mobile phone out of your pocket. Aside from this obvious point, playing poker online also has the benefit of being a lot safer.

After all, you don't have to go out among people with a lot of cash. Furthermore, this type of poker also offers the opportunity to connect and play with players from all over the world. If all of this still doesn't convince you, then maybe the limitless selection of variants of does Poker with online providers. In any case, this is larger than in traditional casinos.

online poker

Online poker can be played conveniently on your smartphone. Photo: Pixabay (Pexels)

Poker with the smartphone

The practical little mobile phone computer is usually carried around with you everywhere, which is why playing poker on the device is particularly useful here. Here you can simply install different poker apps and the best thing is: There are also apps that you can play without real money. These are particularly suitable for beginners, as you can approach the subject so wonderfully without having to worry about any losses. So everyone can kill a little time while waiting or, of course, take extra time for the game. In any case, the numerous apps offer you plenty of room for fun even without money.

A few notable examples of real money poker apps are: Mobile 888Poker, Poker Stars Mobile and partypoker.

Especially Mobile 888Poker offers a huge variety of games and is popular for the Hold'em games. In addition, with this app you enjoy the advantage that it runs on pretty much every mobile device. Both IPhone, Android, IPad and Blackberry offer the app for their devices.
PokerStars Mobile can shine too. Here you will find numerous players who want to join you at the virtual table. You can even find players using a search function and multi-table is also an option.

Partypoker does a lot right with its easy-to-obtain freerolls and also offers a variety of sit and go tables.

For those of you who prefer playing poker with play money, the following apps are available to check out: Zynga Poker, Pokerist - Texas Hold'em and Texas Hold'em Poker de Luxe.

Poker with the PC

Even with the PC, there are several ways to enjoy poker online. You can buy various poker games via Steam and start gambling immediately after installation. Steam is always a safe and trustworthy platform to play online poker.

Nevertheless, playing on the PC also offers the opportunity to simply start using your favorite browser. With these, however, you have to make sure that the providers are reputable and offer the correct licenses. It is best to find out in advance about the provider you would like to play with. With the license you have to make sure that it is a German (poker) license. Some providers advertise “EU licenses”, but these do not exist.

Poker with the steam deck

Steam was just a topic, but this Steam deck definitely deserves more than one mention. The console created by Valve is basically quite similar to the Nintendo Switch, with the difference that the Steam Deck is a small computer. Just like the Nintendo Switch, you can take the Steam Deck with you wherever you go. This handheld's screen is even larger than the Switch's. In addition, you always have your complete Steam library with you. Of course, you can also easily carry your favorite online poker game around with you and gamble a little on the bus and train. Also, the experience on the Steam Deck is even more exciting and immersive than on mobile or the Switch simply because of the slightly larger screen real estate.

There is also another factor that makes gaming on this console so appealing: the customizable buttons. Here you can set your own preferences and take the gaming experience to another level. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that the games you want to play on the Steam Deck are also compatible for it. Some games that are offered in the Steam library are not compatible with the small handheld. However, a little look at the respective game can save you from possible frustration. Nevertheless: In theory, all games that you already have in the Steam library can be installed on this handheld.

Not only Steam games can also be played on the small PC. You even have the option to install additional game libraries. There you have the free choice. For example, you can place GoG Galaxy, Battle.net, Ubisoft Connect or EpicGames on your Steam Deck. This opens up new possibilities for installing the online poker games offered there and then enjoying them on the go or comfortably on the couch.

online poker

A Nintendo Switch console is ready to play. Photo: Unsplash/Alexandr Sadkov

Poker with the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch also offers some options for playing poker online on a handheld console. You can buy your next favorite poker game quickly and easily via the e-shop and then, after installing it, start playing straight away. Some good examples of great poker games on the Switch are: Poker Champion: Texas Hold'em and Poker club. Both games each offer an online function so that you can play poker with your friends as well as with players from all over the world. However, there is one shortcoming with the Switch that needs to be considered.

Those of you who already own a Switch already know the dilemma because: To use the online service of the Nintendo Switch, you also have to pay money. So everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to take on these additional costs. Nevertheless, a purchase is definitely worthwhile. Not only can you enjoy multiple variants of Texas Hold'em on both games, but the Switch is a safe platform to play poker on.

Above all, Poker Club shines with beautiful and interactive 3D graphics. In addition, the first-person perspective gives you the feeling of being right in the middle of the action. However, poker lovers will be perfectly satisfied with the slightly simpler style of Poker Champion. Among other things, because you can dust off free chips to play with Poker Champion: Texas Hold'em every day. Both games are definitely worth trying out.