It is paradoxical that in an enlightened world one has to express oneself at all on the issues of racism and xenophobia. Despite information that is widely available, there are people who have little interest in facts. Xenophobia is omnipresent these days: in TV programs, on the Internet - and in the pub around the corner.

Basic democratic rights that are actually taken for granted will be trampled underfoot this year. A situation that the majority of the population rejects, but still accepts - simply because they remain silent. Under the hashtag # Playing for tolerance people on social media stand for a common togetherness, for a society without racism and xenophobia.

Anyone who, as an enlightened citizen, does not participate in this in order to stand up for the basic democratic values, in the end does nothing better than those people who attack others because of their origin, religion or other reasons.

Together against racism and xenophobia

Udo Bartsch only published the “Playing for Tolerance” campaign yesterday, October 10, 2018, on his blog Reviews for millions together with Martin Klein ( and Harald Schrapers ( initiated.

Since then, more and more bloggers, players and community members have joined the network campaign. It's about sending a visible signal against xenophobia - in order to stand up for tolerance at the same time. Over 50 blogs are already taking part in the campaign. And there are more every hour. A visible wave of participation in social media, a shake of power so to speak, would be desirable. Under the hashtag # Playing for tolerance everyone can post their personal statement against racism on networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 

Why you have to participate as a democratic citizen becomes apparent almost every day through new reports in the television news and newspapers: Xenophobia is tacitly accepted and thus becomes a terrifying social phenomenon that has long since reached the state parliaments and even the Bundestag.

Stop xenophobia!

We could have used the time to publish a new review. But there are more important things to write about first. In Germany there is growing enthusiasm for ethnic ideas and authoritarian structures. It should be clear to every enlightened citizen: xenophobia must not be played down!

If politicians preach that citizens' concerns must be taken seriously, then they are correct. But do you have to worry about otherness (in whatever respect) in a modern society?

Changes are unfamiliar, especially if they happen quickly. They then contradict the urge to want to have experiences and experiences slowly. However, this is not an excuse for racism. Xenophobia is inexcusable, one should not show indulgence towards those people who - convinced or as followers - attack others because of their origin or religion.

Playing for tolerance: Action against racism and xenophobia
The world is known to be colorful and not brown. Not everyone has understood this by a long way. Resistance to racism and xenophobia is forming on social media under the hashtag # SpielendFürToleranz.

One thing is certain: you will not change the world by publishing a pretty graphic. The graphic must be understood as a call to take action yourself: on social media, in the pub around the corner.

We hope that many more people will take part in this campaign. Not just blogs. Not just publishers or online shops.

The topic concerns everyone - also because we have to grow together as a society instead of dividing us. Therefore: use the hashtag too # Playing for tolerance.