On Thursday, February 28, "Escape Room" is a thriller in German cinemas, the idea of ​​which is based on the trend of puzzle rooms that can now be found in every major city. The film is directed by Adam Robitel, director of Insidious: The Last Key.

Solve puzzles and escape

The setting is well known: six strangers embark on a mysterious game that quickly turns out to be extremely dangerous.

The game begins harmlessly for Zoey, Ben, Jason, Mike, Amanda and Danny at first. The six receive a mysterious box in the mail that at first glance cannot be opened. Once the puzzle is solved, however, it contains an invitation to an "escape game" from Minos.


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Solve the puzzles. Escape the room.

In addition, the winner can look forward to $ 10.000 in prize money. Enough incentive to face the challenge. But the decision to take part in this special escape game should be followed by sheer horror: In each room there are clues that remind the participants of traumatic events in their past that they had deliberately suppressed so far.

And then they also have to discover that they have voluntarily fallen into a deadly trap - can they escape it?

"Escape Room" will be shown in cinemas nationwide from February 28th.

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