Ubisoft today announced that Roller Champions is now available for free with crossplay and cross-progression on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 (backward compatibility) and Windows PC via the official Ubisoft Store.

In this new skill-based free-to-play team PvP sports game, players compete in teams of three, try to score the ball and be the first team to get five points. Players must work together, dodge and attack efficiently to maintain possession and control the pace of the game. Defeating opponents is the key to gain fans and rise in the rankings, all the way up to the elite champions league. Along the way, cosmetic items such as outfits, goal celebrations, flight moves and more can be unlocked, allowing players to fully customize their own athlete.

Crossplay available on Roller Champions

Roller Champions can be played with friends or alone against similarly skilled opponents using the game's crossplay matchmaking. Profiles and progression are maintained with cross-progression across all available platforms. Between matches, players meet in the skate park, learn new tricks and take part in mini-games together. Fans Recruit Fans allows friends to be invited to Roller Champions, unlocking rewards for both players.

Launch Season is now live. It runs from May 25th to June 21st, 2022 and introduces 3 arenas and two special time-limited game modes. Exclusive cosmetic items can be unlocked with the Roller Pass, a reward system split between a free and premium variant. This season, everyone who owns the Roller Pass can unlock 41 rewards by playing matches. Players who choose the free option will be rewarded with 11 items that are only available until June 21st. Any items acquired during this period will remain in players' lockers even after the season ends.

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