The headline-grabbing digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co have proven to be valuable assets in recent years. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin in particular has also found its way into everyday life, and now it is time to integrate the digital coins into things that bring joy and fun to everyone and serve as general entertainment. Because more and more websites are adapting to the latest trend and accept Bitcoins & Co as a means of payment. Therefore, it is no wonder that online casino operators have now expanded their payment portfolio and accept cryptocurrencies.

Innovations and online casinos go hand in hand. A casino with Ethereum is no longer a rarity. Hardly any other industry is as open to innovations and new technologies as the gaming industry. The number of crypto casinos is therefore increasing day by day.

The concept of a crypto casino is easy to understand: It is a gambling platform that allows its players to transfer a playing balance to their casino account with Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co in order to place bets with it.

Cryptocurrencies and casino games – an optimal combination

The digital currency offers everything that belongs to a best and safe payment option. The biggest advantage is certainly that all transactions are processed anonymously, which is of immense importance to many players. In addition, players want to quickly start playing in a crypto casino. This works very well with Bitcoin & Co, as the amounts are credited immediately and the payment process is absolutely secure. Another advantage of the payment method is that no fees are usually charged for this.

The Deposit

Players do not have to make any compromises when it comes to the game portfolio in crypto casinos. Because here, too, there is a lavish selection of casino games for fun. There are slots with a wide range of themes and many bonus features, which can also be found on the website of Can be found.

To deposit in a crypto casino, follow these steps:

First you should register so that you have access to all functions and can also benefit from a possible casino bonus. A casino account is automatically created with the registration. However, care should be taken to ensure that the account is not held in euros, but rather in the cryptocurrency.

If you want to play and pay with Bitcoin (BTC), go to your casino account, click on the Deposits menu and select Bitcoin as the payment option. Then you get an address as a public key and you have to decide what amount you want to transfer to your new casino account. The amounts for Bitcoin are shown as BTC. To be on the safe side, a tool is often provided in which you can enter the amount in euros and the corresponding Bitcoin equivalent is then displayed.

Then the personal Bitcoin wallet is opened and the public key and the amount of money are entered. After clicking the Send button, the money transfer goes to the blockchain, where the transfer is checked and executed. Once the payment has been accepted, it can be found on the blockchain as well as on the casino account.

The payout

Of course, anyone who plays on a gambling platform wants to win and as soon as the first profits are generated, they should go to their own bank account. However, before the very first payout, the player (in every online casino) has to make one Verification run through. This process is required by law and serves to prevent money laundering. If the player's identity is proven, the winnings can also be paid out in Bitcoin & Co. To verify identity, customer support will request a copy of the ID card. You can then email them directly to support. As soon as this step is completed, a payment is made. The crypto casino gives the transfer order to the blockchain network further, which confirms the transfer.

Why crypto casinos are so popular

There are several aspects why cryptocurrencies are popular and what makes them so exciting and popular for online gambling. One aspect is the protection of data, because no personal data is sent with every money transfer with Bitcoin & Co.

The Hype of cryptocurrencies started with Bitcoin, but there are now a variety of other cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash or Litecoin), which are also often referred to as privacy coins because they protect the players' privacy.

Since the popular cryptocurrencies are decentralized, money transactions are not processed through banking institutions, which is why there are no fees. While there are cryptos that incur fees, they are much lower compared to bank transfers. Amounts of money can be transferred directly without having to wait for a bank confirmation.

Another convenience of cryptocurrency is the ability for any player to sign up on a crypto gambling platform without any country-specific restrictions. Many online casinos do not accept every player from certain countries. This is a huge advantage and plays a crucial role in the rapid increase in crypto casino popularity.