Amazon Games' MMO New World is currently free to try. Anyone who has hesitated to get started can now get an overview during a free phase and maybe make a purchase decision. 

Amazon Games hit MMORPG New World is currently running a free weekend on Steam. This limited-time offer allows new players until April 11th to try New World for free and enjoy recent updates.

New World Rabbit's Revenge event

After the weekend is over, players can also continue playing by purchasing the standard or deluxe edition. The game is 18 percent off until April 19 at 40 p.m. More details are in the blog post.

The fun continues on April 12 when Aeternum welcomes spring with the Rabbit's Revenge event. During the event, players fight back a plague of corrupt rabbits and earn up to three Diamond Gypsum in loot drops and five luck-boosting consumables daily. There is also a rumor that the rabbits have acquired a mystical storage chest.

New World does not belong on the sidelines: the developers only released a major update for the MMORPG in March. The Heart of Madness update introduced the new Heart of the Stormwind Expedition and the Blunderbuss weapon. There were also balancing adjustments, bug fixes and more for new and old players who want to explore the world of Aeternum.

In the new endgame expedition "Heart of the Stormwind" the main story of New World will be completed. Players track Isabella to Shattered Mountain for the epic finale. They navigate a twisted dimension of the reality of the capital city of Myrkgard, where they explore the mysteries of Isabella's past and delve deeper into her corrupted mind.

Heart of Madness also introduces the blunderbuss. The new weapon offers high mobility and damage from close to medium range. Players have two skill trees available for the weapon, Chaos and Containment, allowing for two completely different playstyles. Upon reaching level 60 and the max Blunderbuss skill level, players will be able to participate in the new Legendary Weapon quest series.


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