All over the world there are board games that are firmly rooted in the culture of the respective country, “Skat” in Germany, “Poker” in the USA and “Mahjong” in China. The last-mentioned placement game in particular is still a real playful challenge today, in which up to four players can take part. Thanks to modern internet technology, this is no longer only possible at home, but also very conveniently on the internet. Playing mahjong online for free is not a wish, but a reality.

Mahjong - old, but not old-fashioned

Mahjong is a real classic in China that is played everywhere - literally on every street corner. The tactical placement game has long since achieved cult status in western countries as well. It was an American traveler, of all people, who helped the parlor game to international fame in the 1920s: At that time, Joseph Park Babcock wrote a set of rules based on different game variants that he had got to know during his trip through China. He called the game "Mah-Jongg".

Due to trademark protection, the spelling of Mahjong has changed over and over again over the years. The name common in the west refers to a sparrow, which is depicted as a symbol on the first of the bamboo pieces. In the standard variant, participants play with a total of 136 stones, whereby the eight bricks of the main color are not used at all. Of course, as with many traditional board games, there are countless variants of Mahjong.

The aim of the game is to improve the original hand by throwing and dragging the pieces and to form an image from the most valuable pieces possible. As with other symbol games, Mahjong also has certain collections, including pairs, triplets, and sequences that represent fixed point values. A “complete game picture”, which then corresponds to the rules of victory, consists of four figures and a pair. The call to victory is then famous - the player who has completed his picture can “Mah-Jongg!” call and thus ends the game.

The screaming winner: The call "Mah-Jongg" ends the game.
The screaming winner: The call “Mah-Jongg” ends the game.

Initially unusual for western players: Mahjong is played counter-clockwise. As with most board games, it is the turn of the participants one after the other. The specialty of Mahjong is the strategic possibilities of the manifold doublings. During a game - even in online mahjong - extremely high point values ​​can occur. This is usually remedied by limitations agreed in advance.

Play mahjong online for free

Mahjong is traditionally a game with a pronounced haptic component. Thanks to modern web technologies, mahjong can also be played online. The advantage is obvious, especially for beginners: rules are clearly explained and illustrated and the points are calculated by the computer. Beginners can therefore concentrate fully on the tactics of the game.

Another advantage is the large selection of different variants. who Play mahjong online for free want, will likely choose their provider based on the available game variants in order to be entertained over the long term. However, good mahjong websites offer more than just the game. There are usually detailed explanations, information on the historical background and a help desk through which questions can be answered quickly and easily.

Particularly practical with online mahjong: Help functions make it easier for newbies to get started with the game by displaying tips for the next sensible move on request. Getting behind the complex mechanisms of the Chinese classic is anything but easy. But after a learning phase, Mahjong also offers enormous fun values.

Mahjong on PC

Mahjong has now also established itself as a popular computer game. In the widespread variant, 144 stones are used, which are all on the virtual table at the start of the game - this is also the case in most free mahjong games. Traditionally, the stones are then built up in several layers on top of each other in the shape of a turtle or dragon. Stones may only be removed if they are not covered and are exposed on at least one long side. On the screen, mahjong turns out to be a clever brain game that can be addicting.

Mahjong is so popular that the game is even used as a theme in the arts. Mahjong is used as a genre of its own, especially in Japanese anime and manga. Even in profound literary works, including the short story "Danger and Desire" by Eileen Chang, the Chinese game is artfully staged.

Due to its enormous popularity, Mahjong makes the leap to every new technological platform, including smartphones and tablets. It has to be the mixture of a grandiose look and the playful motto “Easy to learn, hard to master” that makes Mahjong so special.