Rockstar Games has developed and published its own launcher. At the start, users receive the title GTA: San Andreas for free. All players have to do is install the launcher. Since the free offering in San Andreas is likely to be limited in time, fans shouldn't wait too long.

Every major publisher has one or wants one. PC launchers are now widespread - now also at Rockstar Games. The launch of the program came as a surprise. So much so that there is speculation about what the release of its own launcher might be all about. Some even suspect the imminent release of the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 behind it. No matter why Rockstar Games released the software, there is an advantage for players: GTA San Andreas completely free of charge.

Cloud storage and automatic updates

One can argue about whether a PC launcher is needed - at least to this extent. Rockstar Games is now also using its own piece of software to manage in-house games. The "Rockstar Games Launcher", the official name of the program, offers everything that other launcher offer: automatic updates for games, cloud storage, news about updates.

Quite a few fans are wondering whether such a project makes sense for Rockstar Games in particular: after all, the studio has very few titles. Six games and a handful of GTA Online cash cards are currently listed. But that's not all: Rockstar Games apparently wants to turn its launcher into a control center for gamers. On request, the program searches for third-party titles on the computer so that they can be started via the Rockstar Games Launcher.

Focus on simple operation? Not necessarily, because Rock Paper Shotgun berichtetthat the Rockstar Games Launcher now even opens after players have started GTA 5 via Steam.

After all, Rockstar also offers potential users an incentive for the installation and donates GTA: San Andreas as a free bonus. Players can then use the launcher here .

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