Pegasus Spiele and its partners are launching over 22 new products at from October 25nd to 70th. In addition to the pure game presentations, the publisher offers a colorful program over the four days of the fair: the playful offers range from Twitch streams to tabletopia rounds to a virtual crime dinner for at home. The focus is on board games such as Eclipse - The Second Galactic Age, Nidavellir, Bonfire, Aeon's End including Aus den Tiefen or Tainted Grail. 

Just because the international game days this year will be purely virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic, nobody has to go without information about the autumn novelties from Pegasus Spiele and Co. The publisher is entering the race with over 70 titles from the parlor games and roleplaying segments. In addition, a colorful supporting program has been put together for fans, which can be played or just watched.

Pegasus and partners present autumn novelties

The publisher Pegasus Spiele not only addresses different types of players with its offer, but also program items on the four days of the fair that go beyond just watching. The influencing classics à la Twitch stream or Let's play are of course represented, but the thriller dinner for at home is really special: via zoom conference, fans play the deadly dinner event "Red Carpet to Destruction" on the Friday or Saturday of the fair. .

Pegasus organizes the "Deadly Dinner" via Zoom. Image: Pegasus Games

Pegasus organizes the “Deadly Dinner” via Zoom. Image: Pegasus Games

A total of three slots are available for this: Friday from 18 p.m. to 22 p.m., Friday from 20 p.m. to midnight or Saturday from 24 p.m. to 20 p.m. Groups of six to eight people can get tickets reserve until October 20th, a ticket costs 40 euros plus shipping costs for the entire group. Shipping? I agree. The material required for the video crime dinner will be sent to all participants in advance, hence the registration deadline.

The starting point: Each player takes on the role of a prime suspect in a murder case that occurred on the set of a Hollywood feature film in the 50s. However, only one of those present is actually the murderer.

The game consists of three rounds in which events are uncovered and secrets are revealed. The aim is to solve the murder case - or to get away with it as a perpetrator. A group size of at least six is ​​required for participation. However, it is not absolutely necessary to actually turn the crime thriller evening into a dinner. That would be more atmospheric, however. What is needed in any case is a smartphone or laptop with internet access to take part in the Zoom meeting. Pegasus provides instructions on how everything works.

Games, games, games

Those who prefer to play in a classic way, if you can call it that at a purely digital trade fair, have the opportunity to try out various games from the Pegasus Games portfolio via Tabletopia. A total of 18 games are available through Pegasus' Games Lending: Magic Cubes; bookworm - card game; Watergate; memorinth; Port Royal; treelings; My Farm Shop; The cartographer; Nova Luna; Undo - Forbidden Knowledge; renature; bad bones; Hansa Teutonica Big Box; Celtic; Detective - First Cases; Kyoto; Bonfire and Bam! The indecently good pun.

The Pegasus platform can also be used to search for players directly via Discord or to open tables for a round of games. A promotional case is also available for the Micro Macro hidden object board game. Nobody has to be afraid of ignorance of the rules. As with the physical fair on site in Essen, numerous game explaners are also in action at the virtual publishing booth.

Eclipse - The second galactic age has Pegasus Spiele for in their luggage. The title will be released on December 15th. Image: Pegasus Games

Eclipse - The second galactic age has Pegasus Spiele for in their luggage. The title will be released on December 15th. Image: Pegasus Games

If you want to find out more about the autumn novelties from Pegasus Spiele and its partners Frosted Games, Hall Games, Edition Spielwiese and Deep Print Games, you can use the Twitch streams or Let's plays, in which some authors talk about their creations themselves.

The publisher is represented at with a total of 74 new products, including not only board or card games, but also game comics and role-playing game concepts:

  1. Kitchen Rush: But with cream, please
  2. Go slow
  3. Nidavellir
  4. Sagrada: Passion
  5. ERA - The Middle Ages: Rivers & Streets
  6. Empires of the North: Japanese Islands
  7. Snail slalom
  8. Munchkin Fellings
  9. Photo fish
  10. Empires of the North: Roman Banners
  11. Bonfire
  12. MicroMacro: Crime City
  13. City of Angels
  14. Pharaoh
  15. Aeon's End: From the depths
  16. Ghost Adventure
  17. Aeon's End
  18. Cannons and doubloons
  19. Tiny Towns: Fortune
  20. Valentine's Day
  21. Tainted grail
  22. Games comic Noir: Magica Tenebrae
  23. Langland dominoes
  24. Shadowrun: Phantoms (Hardcover)
  25. Point salad
  26. Hansa Teutonica Big Box
  27. Kyoto
  28. The cartographer: new discoveries
  29. Shadowrun: Alter Ratio (novel)
  30. Munchkin Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Death and Destruction
  31. Splintermoon - set off on an adventure
  32. My Farm Shop
  33. Spy Connection
  34. Dragomino
  35. Sherlock Holmes - The Young Investigators
  36. Bad bones
  37. Talisman Adventures RPG Core Rulebook (Hardcover)
  38. Shadowrun: Web Storm (Hardcover)
  39. Aeon's End: The Nameless
  40. Kitchen rush
  41. Sagrada: Vita
  42. The dwarfs big box
  43. Doodle dungeon
  44. Shadowrun: Night Master's Heirs (novel)
  45. Cthulhu: Expeditions (Hardcover)
  46. Cubes
  47. renature
  48. Games-comic adventure: Mystery
  49. Game-comic adventure: Hocus pocus (Hardcover)
  50. The Magnificent
  51. 5211 - Azul Edition
  52. Talisman Adventures RPG Core Rulebook (Hardcover) * Limited Edition *
  53. Imperial Settlers: Rise of an Empire
  54. Spirit Island: Rugged Earth
  55. Sidereal confluence
  56. Shadowrun: Freedom for Seattle (Softcover)
  57. Shadowrun: Behind the Curtain (Hardcover)
  58. Cthulhu: The Cruel Realm Tsan Chan (Hardcover)
  59. Empires of the North: Barbarian Horde
  60. Cthulhu: The Weeping of the Woman from the Hills (Softcover)
  61. Detective: Double bottom
  62. Cthulhu: Frontier (Hardcover)
  63. Mary Magica
  64. Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars
  65. Magic Maze on Mars
  66. Celtic
  67. Timmy in the zoo
  68. Langland Yatzy
  69. Undo - summit with no return
  70. Cthulhu: Halloween (softcover)
  71. Shadowrun: Drop Shadow (Hardcover)
  72. Detective: First cases
  73. Cthulhu: Surrounded by Friends (Softcover)
  74. Eclipse - The Second Galactic Age

The line-up is quite impressive and shows that players can also provide information about titles that are not yet available in stores but will only appear in the course of the next few months. For example, Eclipse - The Second Galactic Age by Lautepelit, which will be published on December 15, or the reprint of Tainted Grail, which is planned for around March 15, 2021.

Preview Product Rating Price
Pegasus Spiele 56300G - Tainted Grail (German edition) Pegasus Spiele 56300G - Tainted Grail (German edition) * 104,99 EUR


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