Fika, a new card game from Board Game Circus, is based on the Swedish coffee break of the same name. It is therefore colorful on the gaming table - and delicious. It was well received at SPIEL'22, but could not be tested - logistics were to blame. However, Fika is now commercially available.

What the Danes and Norwegians mean by “hyggeligh” is the Swedes with “fika” – little happiness. You cheer it on with delicious biscuits or fat pastries, and there is also coffee. For the Scandinavians, their little snack is a tradition. The author Pieter van Gompel turned the idea into a game. In Germany, the title is published by Board Game Circus. 

Fika: 20 minutes of relaxation

For the Swedes, however, their coffee break means more than stuffing pasta into their mouths: it is a deliberate break – mostly from everyday work. So that players in Germany can also enjoy fika, the publisher Board Game Circus is bringing out Fika, a card game based on fika. The trick of the title with a length of around 20 minutes: It is a real slimming. Thanks to the illustrations by Beth Sobel, you still get a craving for sweets - which means that one thing is certain: the artist can not only draw plants and animals, but also perfectly stage biscuits and the like. 

The publisher already had the new card game in its luggage at SPIEL'22, but not for sale. According to Board Game Circus, it was down to sea freight - a problem several publishers struggled with at this year's International Game Days. So Fika didn't arrive on time, but the game is now commercially available. 

fika card game

Fika is about a Swedish coffee break. Image: BGC

The idea of ​​the tactical card game: two players each run a cafe and try to earn more coins than the competition. So the title doesn't really support a fika feeling, instead the passion of the Swedes is used to make money. 

"Plan ahead, play your cards cleverly and use their effects," writes the publisher. "React to the actions of your opponent, manipulate the opponent's display at the right moment and win two rounds first". Board Game Circus points out that in the end, tactics decide who wins the game.

Fika is aimed at two players aged around ten and over. The price is 12,99 euros.

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