The game! is expected to take place from March 25th to 27th, 2022 in the landscape park in Duisburg. As the Nostheide-Verlag has now announced as an event, tickets are now available via the Eventim booking portal. 

On November 1st the pre-sale for tickets for the game but! 2022 in the Landscape Park North in Duisburg. Tickets can be booked through Eventim. Anyone who already has tickets for the canceled game fairs from previous years can use them for the 2022 edition. The organizer states: "Tickets already purchased for the postponed events remain valid."

Play! Planned in March 2022

It all indicates that the game does! Nostheide-Verlag is happy to be able to take place again next year. Last year and the year before, the game fair could not be held due to the pandemic situation. In 2019 came over 14.000 visitors to the North Landscape Parkto celebrate their favorite board games in the Kraftzentrale on the days of the fair. The publishers will also be offering spring novelties and classics in March 2022. Probably. Because the following still applies: Corona has to play along.

Although the political representatives for North Rhine-Westphalia have ruled out lockdowns, it is at least questionable in view of the currently skyrocketing corona numbers. Baden-Württemberg recently took countermeasures by activating the corona warning level: This means that significantly stricter access regulations and contact restrictions apply to non-immunized people. It would not be impossible to hold events if the state government wanted to readjust the corona regulations, but the security requirements would probably be significantly higher - among other things because rapid tests would no longer be sufficient, but PCR tests would be required.

Thought games: This is not yet foreseeable in NRW, so Nostheide-Verlag is assuming that it will be carried out. They say: "Although recent developments give hope for further easing in NRW, under the current circumstances it is planned to hold the trade fair using the 3G + rule."

For these reasons, no ticket sales are currently planned on site. However, that could change as the corona situation eases. And: "Only day tickets are sold in order to be able to better control the number of visitors per day in accordance with the regulations that are still in force," according to the organizers. According to the publisher, more than 80 exhibitors have already registered, including returnees but also new participants. The exhibition area has increased to around 6.000 square meters.

The fair is scheduled to take place from March 25th to 27th, 2022. Information is also available at

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