A new project is underway in the game forge: Mirakulus want to help the game platformer to get a German version with the help of black financing.

In Platformer, up to four people explore the environment and jump from level to level. On the way up, they can collect gold and jewels, but also useful items or potions. These are also necessary, because again and again you will encounter monsters that need to be fought and a final boss.

From level to level

But things can also be anything but squeamish among themselves. Anyone who has no ground under their feet at the end of the train falls down to the next platform, and why not give the competition a little nudge?

Still until October 24th you can download the project in the game forge support and not only get the game itself, but also optional miniatures of the heroes and bosses to upgrade it and replace the standees. In addition, there are also game packages from other Mirakulus titles on the occasion. 

Mirakulus has set a target of 9.000 euros for successful financing, a first part of which has already been generated by fans. You also have to lay the table for 43 euros or 65 euros for the basic game including the miniature expansion. If the campaign is successful, the board game will be delivered in March 2023. 


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