The developer Epic Games of the video game “Fortnite” is considering offering its players a monthly subscription. This is the result of a survey that was started in the USA. FireMonkey, a leaker known among gamers, published the survey on Twitter. According to this, players should receive 1000 V-Bucks, the Battle Pass and a free skin set, the pickaxe and backbling as early access for a monthly fee.

In the survey on the battle royale shooter Fortnite, players were asked for their opinion on a subscription. They were also asked what price they would be willing to pay for such a payment system. The community's response to the survey appeared to be consistently positive. The result is said to have been between $ 5 and $ 16 per month. There was only criticism for the planned amount of the included V-Bucks. The players in the Fortnite shop would hardly get any items for the low value.

The idea of ​​a subscription to Fortnite was well received

The idea of ​​a payment system was no longer completely alien to the players. Epic Games planned to offer an annual subscription back in 2019, but abandoned this plan shortly afterwards. Whether it will come about this time remains questionable. The survey gives reason for hope.

The video game Fortnite can be played in the free battle royale mode as well as the paid version “Save the world”. In the free game, players land on an island and fight each other. This continues until there is only one player left. Weapons and equipment must be looted for a successful fight. A deadly storm is also forming. Which gradually shrinks the playing field. The dismantling and reassembly of buildings provides additional fun in the game.

Fortnites Save the World is an online co-op and survival shooter that is played in missions. The game is set after a world catastrophe that only a few people escaped. But now zombies seem to be in the majority. During the day, the players feel safe. At this point, helpful items can be looted and a safe fortress can be built. But as soon as night falls, countless zombies come out of their hiding place and attack. If one of the missions is passed, experience, equipment and items are given away. These are used to level up the four playable hero classes.

Fortnite has also been playable on the next-gen Xbox Series X | S consoles since Tuesday.

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