Fans of Spongebob SquarePants get playful replenishment: The publisher usaopoly, or “The Op” for short, has launched a board game that focuses on what is probably the most famous sponge with square trousers. As the title of the game suggests, Plankton Rising is the next offshoot from the Rising series. The cooperative board game costs 39.99 US dollars via The Op, which is the equivalent of around 34 euros.

After THQ Nordic just recently launched a Video game about Spongebob has reissued, Squarepants fans can enjoy the stories from Bikini Bottom in an analogue way again this time. The US publisher The Op, known among other things for its Rising series, which has so far produced the titles Thanos Rising: Avengers — Infinity War, Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising and Star Wars: Dark Side Rising, is setting for its latest release now to Spongebon and his friends.

Plankton Rising: board game about the secret recipe

At the center of the story of Plankton Rising is the villain himself: Plankton is once again on his never-ending mission and wants to find out the well-kept secret recipe from the Krusty Krab. To prevent this from happening, players rush Spongebob and his friends on the neck of the boss.

The cooperative board game revolves around seven tasks that players must complete in the footsteps of their favorite characters - before Plankton can actually put his plans into practice. With every opposing move the restaurant becomes emptier, if the group of players loses too many guests, this means defeat. The players also lose if Plankton manages to get hold of the secret ingredients.

With the popular characters from the template, players can go into the field against plankton. Image: usaopoly

With the popular characters from the template, players can go into the field against plankton. Image: usaopoly

Each of the characters has individual abilities to influence the dice pool. A visual highlight should be the twelve centimeter high plankton miniature, which is in the Plankton: Rising box next to the other game material - including dice, tokens and cards. The game concept revolves around strategic decisions, but also requires luck from players. Up to four players, ages eight and up, can take part, but Plankton: Rising also contains rules for a solo mode.

The Spongebob SquarePants board game is available for around $ 40 from The Op's online shop and in local stores in the United States. Because The Op board games are also available through online retailers in this country, there is at least a chance that Plankton Rising will also be available in the future.


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