Frontier Developments plc announces a brand new expansion for the ultimate zoo sim, Planet Zoo. With the Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack, players can experience firsthand the vital role zoos play in protecting animals and ecosystems. The DLC will be released on Steam on June 21, 2022 at a suggested retail price of 9,99 euros.

The Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack invites players to discover and research five unique endangered animals from around the world. In doing so, players must find ways for their zoos to help these species survive.

Spread the message of conservation

For example, the Przewalski's horse, the last true wild horse with its stocky build, is once again roaming the arid grasslands of Mongolia thanks to reintroduction efforts. With its stunning cream colored coat, the endangered Amur leopard is the subject of innovative global breeding programs.

The powerful-voiced siamang is at home in the increasingly fragmented Indonesian forests, where it lets its melodious call ring out from high branches. One of the most endangered species in the expansion, the crumhorn oryx, whose long horns are particularly prized by hunters, is listed as extinct in the wild. And finally, the DLC also adds the Axolotl to the game. A unique amphibian native to Mexico whose aquatic habitat is under threat.

In addition to being able to care for and learn more about these fascinating new species, zoo visitors can fully realize the concept of a modern, self-sufficient zoo. The more than 150 new breathtaking, sustainability-inspired landscape elements will help you in this. From a colorful backdrop of pollinator-friendly wildflowers and versatile trees like the Korean pine to sustainable maintenance supplies and eco-friendly buildings, the pack includes everything avid builders need to create the authentic look of a vibrant, conservation-focused zoo.

The Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack also includes a brand new limited-time scenario set in a stunning Mongolian-inspired setting. Aspiring conservationists will need to put all their skills to the test as they race against the clock to protect endangered species. Time is of the essence as zoo keepers are tasked not only with rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing the animals, but also ensuring that the environment is improved, guests are educated, renewable energy sources are used and plant diversity is preserved.

Steve Wilkins, Executive Producer of Planet Zoo, said of the upcoming Conservation Pack, “The team is honored to be able to bring Planet Zoo players closer to some of the world's most endangered animals and the important role zoos play in animal welfare and conservation of enlightenment. We hope that the educational value of the game can help spread the message of conservation and habitat preservation.”

Besides the package, players can also enjoy a free base game update. This includes a number of extras and improvements. This includes the communication behavior of selected animal species, interactive educational stations and a new climbing facility, thanks to which zoo visitors can observe the fascinating "arm swinging" of the siamang, as well as much more.

Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack requires the Planet Zoo base game to download and play. Planet Zoo is available on Steam for $44,99 MSRP and the Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition for $54,99 MSRP. For those wanting to experience Planet Zoo for the first time, Planet Zoo: Ultimate Edition includes the base game plus all DLCs released to date.

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