When you think of Hans im Glück, you first think of Carcassone, Paleo and other games with a historical setting. Now something new has been announced. It's a sci-fi Eurogame. For Hans im Glück this is the first time in the future.

That mankind must leave earth and build a new homeland on distant planets or under water is a popular theme in board games. The Hans im Glück novelty is now dedicated to the subject with satirical undertones. Humanity learns from its mistakes... or not. On Planet B, which is significantly more Earth-like than Mars, the players take on the role of governors. However, since these are corrupt, the aim of the game is to have managed to get most of the state money into your own pocket at the end.

Planet B without plan B

From the story, Hans im Glück embarks on new paths. Planet B is the first title in the publisher's program that is set in the future. Not much is known about the mechanics or the gameplay. It is listed on BoardGameGeek with the mechanics "Market" and "Elections".

In the role of the corrupt governors on Planet B, where everything should actually be better than on Earth, the players make deals with corporations. Of course, these deals primarily serve their own interests.
Your own city is built and the population has to work for the players. Meanwhile, players gain favor with political factions or control the media.

The price for these actions will become apparent at the latest in the presidential election. Here everyone wants to know their special voters behind them. But in the end it's all about one thing: who managed to pocket the most government money?

The game is scheduled to appear in time for SPIEL in October. The playing time is between 60 and 180 minutes. The new board game can be played with 2-4 people aged 14 and over.

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