Forgotten Waters by Plaid Hat Games is the second most popular pirate-themed game on BGG after Maracaibo. At the GenCon, the publisher has now announced a successor. However, this should not be directly linked and will also have a different topic.

Forgotten Waters was published in German by Asmodee. The original comes from Plaid Hat Games. A successor to these has now been announced at GenCon. Forgotten Waters is a themed scenario-based game with supporting app. Through the players, the story unfolds in the world they travel through.

Still unnamed successor

So far, information about what the game is and isn't is pretty much evenly balanced. The novelty does not yet have a title. There will no longer be a pirate theme. It is consequently not a direct successor. It is not known which topic was chosen instead.

The development of the title seems to have progressed so far that a publication at GenCon next year can be expected. At least that's what the announcement says. The game is designed by two-thirds of the team, which is also already on Forgotten Waters was involved. Mr. Bistro and Joe Ellis are back on board. Donald Shults is now there for Isaac Vega, who, among other things, is responsible for the voice actor in the app Forgotten Waters was responsible.

There will certainly be more detailed information in the coming weeks and months. Whether and how the title will appear in German is unclear. 

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