Skellig Games is back on the seven seas. According to the first brief description, there is a lot to roll. The new board game will appear next year. With its colorful cover and the previously known gameplay, it seems to be most likely to be in the connoisseur game area in terms of complexity.

To  Fleet: The Dice Game Skellig Games takes the dice out to sea again. Instead of catching fish, players try to collect riches. As a pirate there is nothing better than finding treasure during your own adventures. Of course, in order not to be shipwrecked, you have to be very well prepared and keep improving your dice.

Dice on the high seas

In this novelty, the players are pirates planning their adventures. In order to survive the dangers that lurk on the high seas, they rely on a lucky hand at dice and multiuse cards. For greater chances of success, you can improve your own dice and collect new adventure cards. Everyone wants to capture the most doubloons and diamonds.

If it's the others' turn, you can bet in a relaxed atmosphere in the tavern on how their adventures will turn out.
The octopus is particularly dangerous. But you shouldn't underestimate all the other dangers of the seas in order to return to the port victoriously in Greece at the end of the game.

The dice game is recommended for 2-4 landlubbers ages 8 and up. The boat trip takes about 30-60 minutes.

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