The Jamaica pirate dice game sold by Asmodee has been awarded the generation seal by the association "Young and Old Plays". In the competitive strategy game, players slip into the roles of pirates who are in a race for the eponymous island.

The association "Jung und Altspiele" regularly awards board games that are "particularly well suited for cross-generational playing together". The aim of the non-profit association is to unite people of all ages at a gaming table through the seal. This time the seal is given to the game Jamaica by Space Cowboys, which is distributed by Asmodee.

Jamaica 'resonates with all age groups'

Jamaica is a card-controlled dice game that represents a race around the island of Jamaica, as the association "Jung und Alt spiel" describes the title. With my pirate ship you hunt for treasures, you have to keep an eye on the necessary provisions on board and you have to be prepared for a battle with another pirate ship at any time. The game is controlled with eleven action cards, of which I have three in my hand and can use one in each turn. There are two actions on each card. At the beginning of each round, two dice are rolled and each assigned an action. It means choosing the right card that gives you the most advantages in the round. Sometimes retreating your own ship has more benefits than always pulling forward.

"The game benefits from the fact that it is only decided shortly before the end, because even those who are behind can still get ahead in the last few moves and vice versa," said the club. "The successful or unsuccessful rolls of the dice, the small battles and the hidden treasure maps bring a lot of life into the game and the tension is always there."

The club believes that players should have a bit of experience, because selecting the action cards and assigning the dice requires “some tactical thinking”. But it doesn't overwhelm even those who play little and at the same time serve as an introduction to the somewhat more complex family games.

"Thanks to the excellent game rules, learning the game and looking up questions is perfectly solved. Thanks to the impressive graphics, Jamaica is also an ideal game for young and old, because it does not make any age-specific demands, but guarantees fun and perfect gaming entertainment for all age groups.

The club uses various criteria as a benchmark, including the game material is evaluated. It says: "The game material consists of very thick and stable cardboard, the individual markers are easy to take. The playing cards are large and of high quality. The symbols on the markers and the maps are clearly recognizable and unambiguous. The dice are very handy and the symbols are easily recognizable. The plastic ships are easy to pick up and have a good stand. The game box contains a generous deep-drawn part so that all the material can be stored clearly and cannot slip when the box is transported.

The exemplary order also allows for a very quick build-up of the game. The rules of the game are designed with great attention to detail and illustrated in great detail with many examples. The perforation of the individual pages makes it particularly easy to find specific content when looking it up. The illustrations are game-inviting, create a perfect game atmosphere and support the game excellently. The rules of the game are very themed and easy to explain.”

In any case, the game is fun:

Jamaica is a pirate game. With the pirate theme, the game immediately creates an appropriate atmosphere that captivates different generations. “The excellent illustrations make a significant contribution to this. In addition, the game mechanics are perfectly adapted to the theme, so that it is easy to explain the rules," writes "Jung und Altspiel". “Neither the handling of the game material nor the rules of the game favor or disadvantage any particular age group.
The race of collecting treasures or fighting will appeal to all ages. The fights are harmless, but bring a certain annoyance factor into play, which gives the necessary spice without being off-putting. Skillful selection of the available cards requires some advance planning, but the decisions are only tactical in nature and do not require a long-term strategy. It is precisely these constant decisions that make the game interesting and, thanks to the low level of complexity, equally playable for all age groups. The game offers fun for all generations, also because the topic of pirates is equally present in all generations.”

Another game will be announced on November 11th at the gala event at the Munich Spielwiesn. But that's not all: all publishers and authors whose game received the Generations Game seal this year will be honored in a festive setting. The event is under the patronage of the Bavarian State Minister Ulrike Scharf, the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labor and Social Affairs.

More information is available on the non-profit organization's website

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