This horror survival hostage hunt video game was released on September 18, 2020 and is very popular among many video game fans.

However, if you have never hunted ghosts before and rather like other games online slots If you prefer, you should definitely check out this game and explore paranormal things. And in this article we give you some tips for a successful ghost hunt so that you can better identify and fight the ghost you are looking for.


Phasmophobia is one of the scariest games in the industry, and having a sidekick is far from reassuring. You can also split up and explore the area better. In most cases, a four-person team is the best choice, but in smaller areas, a smaller team of three or two may suffice.

Think about the necessary equipment before the game round

If you have already earned something in the game, it is worth buying large flashlights, UV flashlights, EMF meters and spirit books. UV flashlights show handprints on various surfaces, EMF meters show ghost activity, and spirit books record ghosts. Also, you can use the camera to take a picture of the ghost and also protect yourself from ghosts. The other items are Ouija Boards, Crucifixes, and Holy Herbs.

Give yourself enough time for a game round

Sometimes a ghost will become very aggressive and chase you before you can fully identify them. If you find yourself in such a situation, remember one thing - run away from it. If you die, all equipment you took with you is lost.

And if you have completed a lot of tasks, you will get extra money, but if you die, all items in the inventory will be lost. So remember, you'll leave with quests completed or a ghost discovered and still get some money towards your next ghost hunt.

Tips for identifying the ghosts

Each of the 12 spirits has their own unique characteristics with individual strengths and weaknesses. So let's take a look at what kind of ghosts you can meet and how to identify them.

1. Banshee

If it's near you, you can use level 5 EMF, fingerprints, and freezing temperature to prove its presence.

2. Demon

By far the most aggressive ghost encountered in the game. The demon attacks more often than any other ghost in the game. However, he can be outwitted by the Ouija board.

3. Jinn

He's incredibly evil, but can be taken down with a level 5 Ghost Orb and EMF. And the Djinn's speed increases as the player moves away from him.


This ghost likes to hide in the dark. A ghost ball and low temperature will help you identify it.

5. Phantom

Honestly, this ghost is pretty intimidating. He can possess the living and is usually summoned with a Ouija Board. You can spot the Phantom with level 5 EMF, ghostly orbs, and low temperature.

6. Poltergeist

A very evil spirit that throws objects at you. To track down poltergeists, you need a ghost radio, fingerprints, and ghost orbs.

7. Revenant

If this ghost attacks you, you should flee. In pursuit, he moves slowly at first, but quickly gains speed. To track down the Revenant, you'll need a level 5 EMF, fingerprints, and a spirit book.

8. Shade

This specter prefers to prey on players who are alone, so you must play in teams. You can use level 5 EMF, Ghost Orbs and the Ghost Book to track him down.


The most common ghost gets the most common name. A ghost walkie-talkie, fingerprints, and a ghost book will help you identify the ghost.

10. Ghost

These ghosts can fly and walk through walls, meaning they're incredibly difficult to track down. Your evidence is fingerprints, low temperatures and BOX alcohol.

11. Yurei

If you spot this specter, it can seriously affect your sanity. One is said to lure the spirit into a room where sacred herbs have been used. You can determine Yurei by using low temperature, ghostly orbs and ghostly book.

12. Oni

Oni is Demon's cousin. He is rumored to become more active when the player is near him. When you are more active, they are much easier to find and identify.

So, are you ready for the spooky adventure?