Phantom Doctrine, the video game by Good Shepherd and CreativeForge, will be adapted as a board game, provided the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is successful. Galaktus Games has taken on the idea and wants to turn the digital spy thriller into an analog gaming experience. The campaign is exciting in two ways: First, the template is quite interesting, and second, it is the first project of the newly founded board game company, which emerged from a PR agency.

Phantom Doctrine was released for PC and console in 2018, followed around a year later by the version for Nintendo's hybrid console Nintendo Switch. Now the espionage thriller, which takes place in the times of an alternative Cold War, is to be implemented as a board game. The crowdfunding campaign is already running, the first backers are active: the game studio Galaktus Games wants to collect around 55.000 euros. There is time until November 27th.

PR experts want to make licensed board games

For Galaktus Games, it's kind of a first experiment. The publisher emerged from the PR agency Galaktus PR and now wants to concentrate on adapting board games based on video game licenses. Phantom Doctrine is not only the Kickstarter debut, but the project premiere for the makers. In any case, the experts have gained experience, in fact for around ten years. The agency has a location in Germany, reference customers such as Electronic Arts or Steelseries have drawn on the expertise.

Phantom Doctrine is the first game to be implemented. Two more are already being worked on, but there is no detailed information on the games that have not yet been mentioned. The public focus is therefore solely on the video game that CreativeForge Games developed and launched as a turn-based strategy game - ideal for a board game template. The video game was well received by fans and critics. The developers are currently working on a sequel.

At best, Phantomc Doctrine makes gamers feel like real spies, that's what the authors want. Image rights: Galaktus Games

At best, Phantomc Doctrine makes gamers feel like real spies, that's what the authors want. Image rights: Galaktus Games

The board game sticks closely to the template: players earn their time as spies for the secret organization “The Cabal” and have to deal with a conspiracy. Various specialists are available to determine the individual style of play, such as hackers, field physicians or martial arts experts.

Visually, the campaign is comparatively sober, one should probably have expected more from a PR agency, because the experts actually know what Kickstarter should be about in the first few days: the beautiful appearance. Little of that can be seen, but the idea of ​​the board game is quite convincing. BIs of four players, ages 14 and up, work together in the cooperative board game, optionally a solo player can also start. In phases, players then plow their moves, consisting of a construction and training phase, the mission phase and a tactical phase. The goal, of course, is to save humanity.

The standard pledge costs around 55 euros for 77 euros, there is a game with miniatures instead of standees. Galaktus Games would like to collect around 27 euros by November 55.000th, which Campaign is running slowly on, the financing doesn't make big leaps in a short period of time.

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