Publisher 2K has revealed the improvements to the Course Editor in PGA Tour 2K23. The popular community-focused mode returns with new parts and tools, plus quick play modes for casual gamers.

PGA Tour 2K23 releases October 14, 2022 with 20 licensed courses, but seasoned players know that with the return of the popular course editor, they'll have the ability to create new courses to challenge the entire PGA TOUR 2K community.

PGA Tour 2K23: Courses from the community

To date, members of the PGA Tour 2K community have used the Course Designer to create nearly 300.000 unique courses for PGA Tour 2K21, producing an ever-growing volume of content for all players to enjoy. PGA Tour 2K23 takes the relationship with the course designer community to a new level by including a selection of fan-made courses at launch. These include the following content creators and their courses:

• Arctic Fury - Craggy Heights, Sherwood Shores and Training Facility;
• b101design – Lachlan Crossing and Emery Beach Club;
• Crazycanuck1985 - Old Marina Golf Club and Echo Park Golf Club;
• Energizers - Lone Grove Golf Course and Jacobson Homestead;
• Mattf27 – Foxholm Golf Links and Chestnut Hollow;
• VctryLnSprts – PotHole Lake Golf Club and HuckleBerry Country Club.

Several content creators have released videos showcasing their courses. They are available now on the PGA Tour 2K social channels.

The course designer also gets some improvements in PGA Tour 2K23:

• The interface now provides better access to all design tools.
• A new cursor selector provides easier access to objects on the course.
• A new tool simplifies the creation of walls and fences, even on sloping terrain. The previous tool for surfaces and for placing trees, flowers and natural elements in bulk has been improved.
• Most of the trees previously seen in PGA Tour 2K21 have been updated or rebuilt from scratch to improve graphics quality. There are also a number of new trees such as thuja and dogwood and an assortment of 12 new flowers including dahlias, geraniums, Advent stars, roses and more to add to your own courses.

In addition to the Course Editor, the casual multiplayer modes Divot Derby and Three-Hole Matchmaking also return, allowing entire crews to compete against their friends and others from around the world. In Divot Derby, up to 20 players compete against each other in a race to the tee. Whoever makes it to the ninth and final hole first wins.

If you are eliminated early, you can watch the rest of the game in spectator mode. Three Hole Matchmaking is an online multiplayer mode designed for new ways of playing, with shorter game times and increased intensity. Both modes are designed to encourage players of all types to quickly play a game or two when they don't have time for a full 18-hole game.

PGA Tour 2K23 is available for pre-order now. Basketball legend Michael Jordan is playable at launch for those who pre-order a PGA Tour 2K23 Standard Edition or purchase the Deluxe Edition or Tiger Woods Edition. Jordan is part of the Michael Jordan Bonus Pack.

If you missed the PGA Tour 2K23 announcement trailer, you can watch it here.

PGA Tour 2K23 Deluxe Edition and PGA Tour 2K23 Tiger Woods Edition (digital only) are expected to release October 11th, followed by PGA Tour 2K23 Standard Edition on October 14th on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 (PS5 ), PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Steam.

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