Independent game developer Ahr Ech and drill enthusiasts Devolver Digital have unveiled Pepper Grinder, an action-packed drill-adventure reminiscent of classic platform games but with a twist.

Pepper - a seafaring soul with a passion for prospecting - is shipwrecked and robbed of her treasure by nefarious Narlings. She must unwrap her trusty weapon to retrieve what mischievous minions stole. Armed with the Grinder, Pepper digs and digs through terrain and water, piloting machines and pulverizing any enemies that stand in her way to recover her missing fortune. Pepper's path won't be easy, however, as mysterious beings appear from the shadows.

With precise movements, fluid drill holes and exciting jumps, it's fast-paced through a colorfully animated world. With Grinder, you elegantly dig through the world and find new drills to increase the chaos and solve clever puzzles.

Players collect gems and other riches throughout their adventure and redeem them in shops to upgrade Pepper, open new paths on the world map, and earn collectible stickers for the sticker book.

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