The crowdfunding campaign for the board game Penny Dreadfun – 2nd Edition is currently running on Kickstarter. The makers have already covered half of the distance on their way to financing. However, around 25.000 euros are still missing so that the “Great London Adventure” can actually become one. The campaign runs until November 20th.

The Polish game company Redi Games dares to take a trip to Victorian London in 1888. The focus of the quite idiosyncratic theme of the board game Penny Dreadfun is "more or less historical characters", as the makers themselves call it, as well as occultism and lots of British humor. Sounds like a perfect mix, has already addressed some board game fans on Kickstarter, but still too few to be able to end the campaign successfully.

Penny Dreadfun relies on a humorous setting

The premise of the board game: London of 1888 is overrun by otherworldly creatures and it is up to the players to fight the critters. The title relies on a deck building concept that focuses on horror in a Victorian-inspired style. The crowdfunding is to realize the board game in the second edition, the first from 2018 and appeared under the title: Penny Dreadfun: Duchy, Demony, Dickensy. There are some changes.

While the original version was aimed at two to six players, the new edition is now suitable for up to four players, plus a solo mode. Redi Games is relying on the trend that is becoming more and more apparent in board games. The playing time can also be shorter. A game lasts 60 to 180 minutes, in the first edition - at least according to the publisher - it was at least 120 minutes.

Tokens, cards, miniatures - and optionally also an RPG equipment - are in the box with Penny Dreadfun. Image: Redi Games

Tokens, cards, miniatures - and optionally also an RPG equipment - are in the box with Penny Dreadfun. Image: Redi Games

Redi Games relies on variance. There are four different game modes: story mode, a sandbox, a fully cooperative "Boss Rush" mode and, as a Kickstarter exclusive, an RPG system. The basic idea behind the board game is just as convincing as the thematic design. Well-known figures such as Sherlock Homes, Alice in Wonderland or Jack the Ripper are also included - each in alternative variants: Armed with a spiked club, Alice plunges into battle against ghosts and demons. All, of course, implemented on the game board through detailed miniatures. Again, this has its price.

Fans are there for 84 euros: As part of the campaign, there is the basic game including activated stretch goals. If you also want to have the role play, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. Penny Dreadfun costs 109 euros in the deluxe version. After successful crowdfunding via Kickstarter, the board game will be delivered in October 2021, i.e. in exactly one year.

The Penny Dreadfun campaign runs until November 20th.