According to the publisher, Pegasus Spiele wants to expand its role-playing area. This goes hand in hand with staff reinforcements in the editorial department. Three new employees complete the team

Eva Steuer has been supporting the Pegasus Games graphics team as a graphic designer since March 1st. From April 1st, Finja Gertulla and Selina Kalms will also join the book editorial team as editors. With their support, the role-playing game division at Pegasus Games will be further developed and expanded.

Pegasus: Among other things, Cthulhu and Shadowrun in the portfolio

After training as a media designer, Eva completed her bachelor's and master's degrees in Intermediate Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier. The focus of her studies was user experience design, installation design and the development of dynamic web applications. Eva was able to gain a first insight into the work during a six-month internship in the marketing and PR department - until her master's degree she continued to work for Pegasus Games as a working student on a project basis. When Eva isn't playing a round of games, she's most likely out on challenging hiking trails with her hiking backpack.

Selina, who studied cultural studies and sociology, has had a pronounced soft spot for language and telling and experiencing stories since childhood. This accompanied her throughout her studies - her activities at the University of Münster included proofreading, editing and writing texts and speeches. She played a pen & paper role-playing game for the first time at the age of 14 and has been an enthusiastic role-player ever since. "I'm really looking forward to working in the book editing department, to the variety of the job and to the chance to learn new things and to be able to contribute my own ideas." Selina spends her free time sewing historical garments and hiking with her dog. She also loves to draw and read.

With a bachelor's degree in book science and culture, a master's degree in European literature and professional experience in publishing and as an online editor, Finja is well prepared for her work in the book editing department. “For me, working as a roleplaying editor is the perfect blend of what I've learned and my passion for the medium. I look forward to working with Pegasus Games in the future and being able to pass on my enthusiasm to our players!” In addition to the regular role-playing sessions as a player and game master, Finja sews, reads and makes music with passion.

Release plans already for 2023 and 2024

Finja Gertulla and Selina Kalms are to develop and expand the role-playing division at Pegasus Spiele together with the editor-in-chief of the book, Jan Christoph Steines, according to the publisher.

The current role-playing games in the publishing range include the German editions of Cthulhu (since 1999) and Shadowrun (since 2008). In addition, Pegasus Spiele is working on the 6th edition of Midgard - the publication is planned for 2024. Pegasus Spiele also took over the license rights to the oldest German role-playing game from Elsa and Jürgen Franke (publisher for fantasy and science fiction games). In addition, a new large role-playing game license was acquired - the release is planned for 2023.

The new editorial team will look at more role-playing games in the future. In addition, digital content as well as print-on-demand products will become more of a focus in the role-playing area. After the great success of the Nyarlathotep crowdfunding mask, the great popularity and the extremely positive feedback from the community, the possibility of further crowdfunding is discussed. In addition, the cooperation with the Uhrwerk Verlag will be further expanded.

The Buch editorial team is also working on the previously unannounced German edition of Vampire: The Masquerade - Chapters, a board game based on the game world of Vampire: The Masquerade, special editions of the core rulebooks of Shadowrun and Cthulhu for the thirtieth anniversary of Pegasus Spiele in 2023 and a Munchkin (deck of cards) Big Box.

“Pen & Paper RPGs have been an important part of the publishing history since Pegasus Games was founded. Even if the publishing range has developed further in recent years, we have always remained true to role-playing games. In the future we want to publish even more role-playing games and expand the area further, a lot will happen there,” says Jan Christoph Steines, looking forward to the future of pen & paper role-playing games at Pegasus Spiele.


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