Pegasus Spiele attracts with further novelties: This time the focus is on stories. - Long live the king, the eighth part of the innovative undo series was recently published by Pegasus Spiele, which lets gamers experience a tragic story at the English royal court of the 13th century. Also in England is the new game comic Sherlock Holmes - Supernatural Investigations, in which the players go on the trail of mysterious crimes, for example as the master detective. 

The innovative narrative game series Undo by the author duo Michael Palm & Lukas Zach has been part of the Pegasus games portfolio since May 2019. Each case lets the players experience a different story, but each time it is their task to undo what happened in order to save one or more people from a tragic death. In addition, as shapeless weavers of fate, they jump to certain points in the past - and sometimes in the future - of the protagonists. But the players have to think carefully together to which points they travel, because every jump leads to momentous decisions that can make the difference between life and death.

After three opening titles, The Cherry Blossom Festival, Blood in the Gutter and Curse from the Past, five more parts have gradually appeared, which basically function the same mechanically, but each have a special feature adapted to the topic. In Forbidden Knowledge the players are confronted with the horror of the myth of HP Lovecraft, in Treasure Fever they are part of a deadly treasure hunt in the Yucatan jungle. At 600 seconds they have to prevent a bomb detonation in a New York skyscraper on New Year's Eve and rescue an international tour group in the Himalayan mountains in Summit of No Return.

Story game in England

The latest, eighth part now takes the players to medieval England, where the king was poisoned at the funeral service for the queen. The aim of the two to five players aged ten and over is now to jump back to the right points in the story and to reweave the threads of fate there in order to prevent the death of the king. Together they should discuss the events that gradually reveal themselves and decide together how they want to influence the story.

The recently released crime series game comic, Sherlock Holmes - Supernatural Investigations, on the other hand, is ideal for solo investigators. The aim is to clear up the mysterious events that rock London. Are there really supernatural forces at work here, or are the crimes more committed by flesh and blood humans? As the master detective himself, as Doctor Watson or as Thomas Carnacki, the hunter of the supernatural, the players plunge into adventure.

Unlike in normal comics or novels, the readers slip into the role of the hero in the game comics themselves. The story is not just linear, but presents the players with decisions that influence the story and drive it in one of several directions. Tricky puzzles that have to be solved before reading on provide additional challenges in the crime series. In the game comics, however, the stories are told not just in words, but in comic panels. First of all, the players start reading the comic from the beginning as normal. After a short time, a panel appears for the first time in which one or more numbers can be seen - in the text or somewhere in the picture. The readers now decide where they want to continue reading and scroll to the panel with the corresponding number. From then on, the story criss-crosses the entire comic and the players decide again and again how to proceed.

The game comics from Pegasus Spiele are subdivided into the three categories of Adventure, Crime and Noir. Sherlock Holmes - Supernatural Investigations is the sixth title in the crime thriller category. The game comics in this series are all about the famous master detective Sherlock Holmes and his colleague Dr. John Watson. In contrast, the game-comics adventure always have new settings. Here the players can be, for example, a bounty hunter, a knight or a superhero. The parts of the Noir series are darker and more direct than in the other game comics, which is why the publishers recommend them for ages 16 and up.

Basically, the game comics are designed to be read by a single person, even if, of course, nothing speaks against sticking their noses into the book in pairs. For two or more comic fans there are also the family games Kuala and Sherlock Holmes - The Young Investigators. These turn the concept of the game comics into an experience for up to four people, who each control their own character in their own comic book, but experience a common story in the process.

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