Bonfire: Trees & Creatures, the first expansion to the Hall Games expert game Bonfire, will soon be available exclusively from Pegasus Spiele. Fans of Empires of the North and City of Angels can also look forward to more supplies: Empires of the North: Royal Egypt is already available, City of Angels: Bullets over Hollywood is expected to be available from mid-December. Reprints of other connoisseur and expert titles will appear at Christmas. This is announced by the publisher.

With the Bonfire: Trees & Creatures expansion, up to five players from the age of twelve can put their skills to the test in the fantasy world of Asperia, one more person than in the base game. In collaboration with Tim Schleimer, Bonfire author Stefan Feld has devised three new modules for this purpose: Ur-trees, creatures and events. These can be used individually or combined. As in the basic game, the atmospheric illustrations are again by Dennis Lohausen.

Supplies for Christmas

As the title Urtrees suggests, the first module revolves around the oldest of Asperia's trees. The trees are laid out on their own tableau as part of the procession of the guardians and provide the players with useful properties. They also make it possible to gain additional points at the end of the game. In the creatures module, players meet new, imaginative beings who support them.

The new mythical creatures include a crystal dragon and a cracked toad. The third module, Events, adds even more variety to the course of the game. The event cards drawn several times during the game facilitate certain actions and can be used by all players. At the same time as the expansion, the reprint of the base game will also be available again.

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Only a few months have passed since the crime game City of Angels was released, and author Evan Derrick and illustrator Vincent Dutrait are already delivering an expansion. Once again they let the gamers immerse themselves in the Los Angeles of the 1940s. City of Angels: Bullets over Hollywood has four new tricky criminal cases waiting for the players to solve as team members of the Los Angeles Police Department's homicide squad. The disappearance of a famous actress, a brutal encore by the “psychiatrist of the stars”, the search for a world-famous painting and a bloody confrontation between rival gangs - can the gamblers track down the bad guys before it's too late?

City of Angels: Bullets over Hollywood

Like the base game, City of Angels: Bullets over Hollywood can also be played solo. The game also gives players the choice between a cooperative and a competitive variant. A person takes on the role of the burin again and tries to lead the investigators on the wrong track. As in the basic game, the opening discussions and epilogues recorded by Oliver Rohrbeck, which can be found in time for publication at, ensure the right atmosphere when playing. The base game will be available again at the same time as the expansion.

After the Japanese Islands, Roman Banners and Barbarian Horde, Royal Egypt is the fourth expansion in the Empires of the North series. As in the base game and the previous expansions, the players lead different clans. Royal Egypt brings two brand new decks to the civilization card game, increasing the variety and the total number of unique decks to 14. The expansion also contains additional island cards that can be mixed into existing decks.

The Hatshepsut deck, named after the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, represents a clan based on the Nile Delta and also introduces a new mechanism in which workers can be specifically assigned field cards in order to make them more effective. The Amenhotep deck, also named after a pharaoh, revolves around the concept of impermanence - locations in the deck expire and are discarded at the end of the round if the end of the game does not invest any resources to obtain the card. Empires of the North: Royal Egypt comes from the pen of Joanna Kijanka, who together with Ignacy Trzewiczek already created the base game.

In addition to the novelties, numerous reprints of connoisseur and expert games, including expansions, will also appear in December. For example Spirit Island including the expansions Branch and Paw and Fissured Earth, Imperial Settlers, on whose world and gameplay Empires of the North is based, and the expansions The Reaper, The Catacombs, The Sacred Source, The Blood Moon and The City for Talisman - The magical search.


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