Around SPIEL'21, four new volumes for the shadowrun role-playing game have been published by Pegasus Spiele: The source volumes Vollgas and Revierbericht 2082 provide background information on the dystopian shadowrun world, with Budenzauber and Vendetta, players experience new adventures. The also recently published Shadowrun novel Wendigo's Truth also tells the background to the Vendetta campaign.

The source volume Vollgas deals with vehicles of all kinds in the Sixth World. Riggers, i.e. people who connect to cars and drones with their minds and can control them, find new inspiration for modifying vehicles and their characters and even rules for building your own vehicles.

In addition to localizing American Shadowrun volumes, Pegasus Press also publishes numerous in-house productions. With the source book Revierbericht 2082, the adventure volumes Budenzauber and Vendetta as well as the novel Wendigo's Truth, four such in-house developments have recently appeared, all of which are set in the Rhein-Ruhr-Plex.

Marvel Dice Throne: Like the original, but with a license

The limited area report 2082 deals with the individual cities of the Rhine-Ruhr-Plex such as Düsseldorf or Wuppertal and gives insights into the culture of the Ruhr with old mines and the anarchist special rights zone Recklinghausen. In addition, players can look forward to additional material such as a large map of the Plex and floor plans.

With the new adventure volume Budenzauber, the players can immerse themselves directly in an anthology with three individual adventures in the Rhein-Ruhr-Plex. Strange things are going on behind the colorful backdrops of the booths, which in the Sixth World serve as a meeting point, source of supply and sometimes also as an illegal transhipment point. As runners, the players dive deep into the dystopian shadowrun world and investigate cases ranging from stolen beer to stray corporate offspring.

Runners can also experience even more adventures with the campaign volume Vendetta. In four acts you are placed in the middle of an action-packed story in the shadow of the German-Italian mafia with raids on the street, kidnappings, assassinations and explosions. Completely worked out runs and a lot of background information allow you to experience the bloody conflict over honor, tradition and power up close at the gaming table.

If you want to delve even deeper into the history of Vendetta, you can look forward to the latest volume in the Shadowrun novel series, which takes place before the events in Vendetta. With Wendigo's Truth, readers experience the story of the private investigator Hermine Wendigo, who ends up in the middle of the Mafia war on the hunt for the murderers of a former Mafia soldier.

Already in August, who shot Kincaid? In addition, a shadowrun novel was published, which sends the reader on a trip to Seattle, where they experience a bloody story about a conspiracy with the magician private detective Jimmy Kincaid and his ghost friend. Will he be able to solve the job on time or will it be his last assignment?

These and many other Shadowrun volumes are up Pegasus digital also available as PDF versions.

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