Pegasus Games takes players to Japan. The family game Tokaido takes the players on a journey through Japan. The third expansion of the tactical 2-player game Onitama is also taking place in Japan.

Tokaido is the second game by author Antoine Bauza to be published by Pegasus Games. Takenoko was released a good eight years ago, in which the players take care of their own panda and try to match its bamboo taste as best as possible. With the Chibis expansion, a lady panda and her offspring joined our panda. Both are expected to be reprinted at the end of February.

Tokaido: Zen atmosphere on the gaming table

The first edition was published by Funforge in 2012. Now the second edition is a new Pegasus release. In Tokaido, the players embark on a journey along the legendary trade route of the same name. On this you move step by step over a total of eight different field types, all of which offer different actions.

In the inns, the players must rest and wait until all travelers have arrived there before continuing their journey. It is important to enjoy as many unique moments of the trip as possible through good planning and at the same time to recognize in good time when it is time for a break.

Onitama: All good things come in threes

Light and Shadow is the third expansion of the two-person game Onitama, in which the players take on the role of masters of martial arts who have met at the eponymous Onitama Shrine to prove their superiority in battle.

To Sensei's way  and The spirit of the wind leads Light and shadow introduce a new element: ninjas. These move in secret on their own small game board. The ninjas can sneak up on enemy characters and attack. After that, however, their position is known, which in turn facilitates a counterattack.

The extension allows two different variants. Either both players have a ninja in addition to their other figures, or one commands both ninjas and fights the opposing teacher.

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