The base game and its extensions for Merchants Cove have been published by Pegasus Spiele, as the publisher reports. The Kennerspiel Merchants Cove offers an asymmetrical gaming experience thanks to individual game material and own rules for all characters. Parallel to the basic game, four expansions have also been released by Pegasus Games: The three character expansions The Dragon Breeder, The Innkeeper and The Oracle as well as The Secret Hideout with new game elements. 

In the asymmetrical connoisseur game Merchants Cove, the players slip into the roles of merchants who produce goods in their unique shops and then sell them at the market in the harbor of Merchants Cove. At the beginning of a game, the players decide which role they want to embody.

You can choose from the alchemist Phoenestra Goldstaub, who brews the finest potions and elixirs from mysterious ingredients, the blacksmith Olaf Donnerschlag, who forges goods with the help of various furnaces, the time traveler Gunvald Greybeard, who collects valuable relics from the past, or Captain Grünstich, who looks up high seas in search of treasure. In the solo version, the players compete against the peddler Nozama, who makes life difficult for them as a trader. Each role has its own short rule booklet and individual game material.

Merchants Cove: Three rounds with four phases

A game of Merchants Cove runs over three rounds (days), each consisting of four phases. In the boat phase, adventurers board the boats bound for Merchants Cove, and players get a rough idea of ​​which guilds (colors) will have customers there that round. In the production phase, the players produce goods in different ways on their individual boards, which they then sell in the market phase in the harbor.

To do this, they must influence demand, attract customers and secure the support of the four guilds. The players can also hire employees or even get help from the local criminal underworld, but they risk the consequences. In the final clean-up phase, the next round is prepared. Whoever accumulates the greatest wealth within three market days wins! The Kenner game by Carl Van Ostrand, Jonny Pac and Drake Villareal, which was released in September, is aimed at one to four players aged 10 and over. A game lasts about 90 minutes. The recommended retail price is 69,99 euros.

Four expansions were released parallel to the base game. The dragon breeder, the innkeeper and the oracle each bring a new character into play, which, like the characters in the basic game, has its own rules and individual game components, making it possible to play with five players. Dragon breeder Dwelma Drachenzahn continues the family business and combines a mancala mechanism with so-called bag building. Innkeeper Torben Trinkfest prepares beds, serves drinks and tries to anticipate where most members of each guild will end up in order to meet each guild's specific requests - if he fails to meet expectations, brawls ensue.

As an oracle, Haggatha plays with a roll and write mechanism, but not only throws dice, but also a bone, a coin and a voodoo doll into her bowl of destiny to perform actions - and predict the future.

In the expansion The Secret Stash, players can expect a multitude of treasures that can be used to make the gaming experience even more varied: new boats, villain cards, guild masters and much more. New challenge cards and a scenario book are also included for solo play.

The new elements can be introduced into the game in modular form and in any combination, so that the gaming experience becomes even more individual. Of course, the secret hiding place also contains a secret surprise! The recommended retail price for the extensions is EUR 22,99 each.


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